Monday, May 10, 2004

Um... I'm not a fan of this new blog style, AT ALL. Note to whoever the hell designs blogger: GO BACK! NO ONE LIKES CHANGE!!

Anyways, now that I have THAT out of my system... I haven't updated in awhile, so I'm going to try to remember things:

Did I ever mention that me and Dale watched The Big Easy & endured Dennis Quaid's horrible southern accent that often sounded more like an Italian accent? Well, we did!

Saturday Jaime & I took an adventure to Northampton -- the bus was like an existentialist play. We saw a man with one huge dreadlock (just one), carrying a world globe and a beaded curtain. And yes, he did get on the bus, although we were lucky in that he didn't sit next to us. But the way back was the worse... the bus driver put on some sort of show tune soundtrack that involved children singing. Then some blonde girl with a cell phone got on the bus and started insulting her mother (and keep in mind, this is the day before mother's day), saying "you should be happy we're coming to see you at ALL!" And we have pictures of ourselves with crazy sunglasses to prove we were in Noho. (PS the vintage clothing store is not as cool as it looks from the outside. You'll realize this when you see the glittery ninja masks.)

Late Saturday night Andrew arrived, which was muy muy exciting because I hadn't seen him for... two weeks? something like that, it seemed like a long time! Sunday was pretty busy... Andrew was still half in Amsterdam time so he kept trying to wake me up and I kept falling back asleep. We went to brunch with Dale, Miranda, & Kate -- Dale made a lovely ketchup and water art piece on her plate. Spotted Old Yeller and pointed her out to everyone. In the afternoon it cleared up (it was raining all morning), so Andrew & I went to Amherst. I almost bought a purse/tote thingy and a wallet, but then decided to hold off a little longer to make sure I get a set that I really like... Had Rao's chai and walked around, bought some candy at Hastings... then I insisted on Fresh Side for dinner =) We ate mostly at the Notch which was lovely (the puddles were perfectly reflective and bugs kept hitting on the water and making ripples). Then back at MHC we took a walk around Lower Lake. Saw the ducks and the bully goose, and we heard a splash that Andrew thought was a duck diving. Really though, it was a beaver! I was excited. We walked around most of Lower Lake with it swimming right by us. Very cute. It chewed on a twig and then turned back away from us.

After packing some of my stuff for the summer into Andrew's car, we watched the last two episodes of The OC. I hadn't ever seen it before. It was pretty good, I think...of course in my TV deprived state anything seems entertaining =)

It was sad saying goodbye to Andrew this morning, because this was the last time he could visit me this school year I'll have a different dorm, a different room... crazy. Yes, very nostalgic...

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