Thursday, May 20, 2004

Big news here lately: Merrie gave me her cold. Of course I'm using this to full advantage (haha poor Merrie!), but it's actually working. Sleeping around 12 hours per day will cure pretty much anything that ails you, I've decided. The Dub cat naps with me. So that meant that yesterday, I didn't really do much of anything. Going to Grammy's to help write thank you cards was simply not an option.

Tonight me and Mer went to Mr. HRV (which was my big project in ASB as a junior in high school). It was great -- pink checked suits for evening wear, "Victor's Secret," & the Denmark-Kangaroo-Orange trick. Prof. Brownlow was right -- comedy is the best way to forget you're sick.

Some highlights over the last few days:

Snooks was annoying us in the car on the way up to Laurance Lake. I did a funny voice reprimanding her, and then said "REDRUM!!" Mer said, "I was just thinking that!!"

Yesterday in the height of my illness, I came out to the living room and Mer was sitting on the couch watching tv eating a fudgsicle. I kind of glared at her, and she said: "What! There are 17 more popsicles left!!" (I was actually glaring because I was mad that I was sick, but, it was funny that the popsicle was the first explanation that came to her mind.)

Recounting all my romantic mistakes in high school to make Merrie laugh.

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