Friday, May 21, 2004

Busy shopping day! After finding a work wardrobe here in Hood River, me and Mum went to the Dalles. There I decided on more sensible black shoes as opposed to red shoes, and a tube top (for fun, not work). Back home we decided at like, 8 pm, that we wanted to go down to The Crazy Pepper for dinner. It was a late dinner but excellent (of course, like always). Me and Mer had our regular fajita burritos, but it was the first time I was able to order an alcoholic drink there. A strawberry daquiri, that I definitely couldn't taste the rum in (thank God).

Big news: Two English dept. prizes, one of which means that I have $1000 to travel with! Now I must find a way to use that money without wiping out my own funds in the process. Mexico or England? I'm thinking during January... Which towns/cities? Any advice much appreciated!


Tim the other day after hearing one of my hospital stories: "Haha I sure get a kick out of you saying "f---." You really mean it!"

Mom tonight over dinner: "Do you ever see stars? Like when you shave your underarms?...I see stars when I shave."

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