Monday, July 13, 2009


This past week I've been cat-sitting for Emilie and Randy in Mountain View. Have been enjoying the cats and the swimming pool. And being able to walk to the Milk Pail and Target.

Before I leave the cats (Bob and Samantha), I felt the need to document my observations.

Things that bother Bob, the twenty-five pound, orange, extra-toed house bobcat:

1. Samantha
2. Seeing Samantha
3. Not being able to see Samantha
4. Getting caught attacking Samantha
5. When I sleep past 7 am. This manifests itself in many ways. List follows this list.

How Bob manifests his desire that I get my ass out of bed:
1. Meowing. At me. At Samantha, who always sits quietly by my head. Another popular target is the ceiling.

2. Pawing the mirror on the closet (this requires balancing on back paws, “running” motions with front paws against glass).

3. Nudging shiny objects on the bedside table until they fall off, making a loud noise when they hit the floor. In lieu of shiny objects, Bob will settle for coasters, papers... but his favorite is definitely phones, glasses, watches.

4. Jumping, leap frog like, over my body.

5. Head-butting my face.

Month and a half review time

To catch up:

School is out! This doesn't mean much for me. I've been revising my chapter draft, and when that gets me down and unproductive, as it often does, I do something else. Recently I've started redirecting this energy into research for the next chapter. And a new blog idea. We'll see if it develops.

One very fun thing to report: Meredith's wedding, Coker Butte, and the road trip! Someday I'll have pictures up on facebook.