Monday, August 24, 2009

ice cream

by the container.

that's what people do, right? cure-all?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

dinner conversation

Last night Steve & I made dinner for our dinner party with Helene. We were in the kitchen for hours. We made: ceviche with avocados and tortillas, spicy-cilantro chickpeas with patty pan squash, agua fresca out of a cantaloupe, and, for dessert, a tart that Steve said would give me Iron Chef cred. Almond essence in the tart dough, a blueberry compote with vanilla bean & spices, a layer of frangipane, topped with fruit.

This afternoon I sat in the park with Jill drinking tea. Then we made a Korean inspired dinner. And talked.

Concluded -- There are some things that lose all their appeal when you have to ask for them.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

today's food

I made:

- plain rolls and rosemary-olive rolls

- potato salad

- rhubarb cobbler, and two smaller blackberry cobblers

in preparation for the picnic tomorrow!

not pregnant, just tipsy

After a night of:

- making pizza from scratch (both dough and marinara sauce!)

- vanilla gelato with rhubarb compote

- drinks with helene and ben's friends

- dancing

I ate:

- leftover pizza

- homemade pickles and pickled carrots

- peanut m&m's

(in that order)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


The last few weeks have been an adventure. From befuddled revisions that seemed to be going nowhere, to feeling tres-productive teaching middle schoolers through Stanford's summer gifted youth program. I felt teacherly. I liked having an audience. I got good student evaluations. It made me feel better about the fact that my own research and writing needs plenty of work.

The social life wasn't so bad, either. Urban adventures with friends and roommates. Symphony in the park. Walk on the beach. Trivia night with a new team. Nice dinners with Steve and Helene (in Berkeley) and with Vincent and Helene (celebrating ends of projects). Spending time with Vincent, our roommate, before he went back to Paris. Wondering how 410 Steiner will change, as these past 6 months have been an amazing experience for me in group living. And last night was our last "family dinner" together, which was, as usual, great fun.

Hoping that the next adventures will be as lovely --