Sunday, January 17, 2010

what a WEEKEND

FRIDAY - Sushi w/ J. We ate seaweed salad & mackerel with bitter melon & homemade mochi & purple yam ice cream.

SATURDAY - A walk with Helene. A nap. Made dinner. Went to see the Sioux City Kid at On the Corner. Half-heartedly played scrabble. Made an appearance w/ H. at Kimon's friend's party. Hung out downstairs with the musicians. Sing along to Tangerine, Last Dance with Mary Jane. Warded off downstair neighbor's advances.

SUNDAY - Brunch with Garth & Helene. We had a 3-way involving corned beef hash, biscuits and gravy, sourdough french toast. Signed a lease with Helene & Kimon for an awesome apartment up at Haight and Divis.* Went to yoga. Ate the dinner H. had saved for me. Ate chocolate cake drizzled with heavy cream & condensed milk (chocolate tres leches? or dos leches?)

*I think my rent will be like 150-170 more per month, but we'll be living in A REAL VICTORIAN HOUSE! With all sorts of crazy period details. A huge kitchen with a PANTRY and a viking range and exposed brick. And a fucking SUN ROOM. And an amazing backyard with a deck. And we'll be going from sharing one common space with 6 people, to 2 separated spaces with 3 people; one fridge with 6, to one fridge with 3; 2 bathrooms with 6, to 2 bathrooms with 3. I am going to luxuriate in filling up the space. YES to awesome dinner parties, yoga in our sunroom, & room to store dry goods in JARS on REAL FUCKING SHELVES!

Housewarming plans tbd.

Monday, January 11, 2010

to yoga we go

I once said that, for a twenty-something woman in SF to say that she's into yoga, is wasted breath. Every twenty-something woman in SF is into yoga. Or at least says she is. Despite that observation, I went this past year without a yoga class. Last night changed this.

I went with Helene & Kimon & JBK to yoga flow, and now I get it. You enter from a side street in the Castro, and climb a wide set of stairs. As you sign in, you can hear the chanting inside, and you feel rushed to join in. A huge open room -- ballroom size -- is dimly lit by candlelight, heated to 86 degrees, and filled with yoga mats on the wood floors. The participants -- let's face it, mostly women -- sit facing the center of the room, chanting. Secular church?

I sweated like I haven't since I was in Singapore (where to walk during the afternoon is to soak through your clothes). But it was great. I love the narratives yoga gives you. Like, ok, I'm going to go through these poses pretending it's the only time i'm going to do them, knowing very well I'll have to repeat them an undisclosed number of times (only the instructor knows the number). Sometimes I'll choose to take the less challenging road because my thighs are trembling. Sometimes I'll feel like pushing myself because yes my arm DOES bend that way. Sometimes I'll hold a pose for the sake of the challenge.

This is all to say, it made me feel better about my dissertation. And dating.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

life back at 410

Today I had a mini-crisis over applying for fellowships for next year. Then a reassuring phone conversation with Sarah. Then a productive early/late afternoon copying notes and writing the start to a draft of the Halifax chapter at Soleil.

And THEN I made beef stroganoff while listening to billie holiday. And then I ate dinner with Helene & we opened a bottle of bubbly rose wine. And THEN we made a storyboard to go with Anthropologie's latest, scantily-clad-model-populated catalog.