Sunday, January 17, 2010

what a WEEKEND

FRIDAY - Sushi w/ J. We ate seaweed salad & mackerel with bitter melon & homemade mochi & purple yam ice cream.

SATURDAY - A walk with Helene. A nap. Made dinner. Went to see the Sioux City Kid at On the Corner. Half-heartedly played scrabble. Made an appearance w/ H. at Kimon's friend's party. Hung out downstairs with the musicians. Sing along to Tangerine, Last Dance with Mary Jane. Warded off downstair neighbor's advances.

SUNDAY - Brunch with Garth & Helene. We had a 3-way involving corned beef hash, biscuits and gravy, sourdough french toast. Signed a lease with Helene & Kimon for an awesome apartment up at Haight and Divis.* Went to yoga. Ate the dinner H. had saved for me. Ate chocolate cake drizzled with heavy cream & condensed milk (chocolate tres leches? or dos leches?)

*I think my rent will be like 150-170 more per month, but we'll be living in A REAL VICTORIAN HOUSE! With all sorts of crazy period details. A huge kitchen with a PANTRY and a viking range and exposed brick. And a fucking SUN ROOM. And an amazing backyard with a deck. And we'll be going from sharing one common space with 6 people, to 2 separated spaces with 3 people; one fridge with 6, to one fridge with 3; 2 bathrooms with 6, to 2 bathrooms with 3. I am going to luxuriate in filling up the space. YES to awesome dinner parties, yoga in our sunroom, & room to store dry goods in JARS on REAL FUCKING SHELVES!

Housewarming plans tbd.

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Nickie said...

Next time I want a four-way! I miss having food outings with you! When shall we start up again?