Sunday, August 23, 2009

dinner conversation

Last night Steve & I made dinner for our dinner party with Helene. We were in the kitchen for hours. We made: ceviche with avocados and tortillas, spicy-cilantro chickpeas with patty pan squash, agua fresca out of a cantaloupe, and, for dessert, a tart that Steve said would give me Iron Chef cred. Almond essence in the tart dough, a blueberry compote with vanilla bean & spices, a layer of frangipane, topped with fruit.

This afternoon I sat in the park with Jill drinking tea. Then we made a Korean inspired dinner. And talked.

Concluded -- There are some things that lose all their appeal when you have to ask for them.

1 comment:

Nickie said...

it is true, some things do lose their appeal when you have to ask for them....
some things don't though, like your food, which makes me very hungry, and makes me ask "when are we having dinner?" Yep, still appealing.