Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I was SO productive today it's disgusting. I worked on my Spanish essay in the morning, walked Kobe, and had lunch with Dale (Old Yeller was there in a little green miniskirt with black polka dots. Something contradictory about that...polka dots are so HAPPY. She kept WATCHING me, too). Had my last real shift at the mail center -- the one "not slow" computer that we do forwarding on has the virus and no one has fixed it, and the other computer's printer wasn't working, so it was rather frustrating not being able to do forwarding. I love forwarding, it's completely mindless and repetitive. But, since I couldn't, I left on time and was able to finish my Spanish essay before dinner time.

Dinner with Dale & Miranda was crazy tonight. First me and Miranda picked out a table out on the patio at Ham/MacG, which was in the direct line of cigarette smoke. Two women were just sitting and smoking, totally oblivious to their smoke wafting into everyone's faces as they tried to eat. Disgusting. So we moved. But we moved right by this big group of "Mohos" talking about very racy topics (at some point I caught a line that I can't even repeat here). Dale was completely annoyed by this and couldn't stand it any longer, so we moved back to where the smoke had been, but no longer was, since the smokers had left. So then we got to eavesdrop on a conversation between friends exchanging gifts, which was a definite improvement. At some point it became known that I was done with my finals. So after the congratulations, Dale picked up a glass of water and held it over my head. I laughed and was like "ok maybe a drop or two?" and Dale proceeded to dump the whole (well ok, half) glass of water over my head. It was so hot out today it didn't really bother me (even though it WAS ice water). Miranda was in shock, and Dale and I were laughing. Miranda couldn't figure out what had happened and why Dale had dumped water on me and why I wasn't pissed. We've decided to make this a new tradition (at least while the warm weather holds out).

After dinner I was basically dry again, so I went to the library to work on the paper copy of The Blackstick Review. Stealing some of Verbosity's formatting, I was able to finish that up in around 2, 2.5 hours. Yay! I'm usually not the one actually handling the mouse while we do verbosity, so it was cool to do everything on my own. Yay complete editorial control!

This evening I also started packing in earnest. Two storage bins in the trunk room so far!

I have a feeling I must have made all sorts of spelling and grammer mistakes, as it's around 2 am. Oh well. Reading this is voluntary =) Speaking of reading, now I can start doing PLEASURE READING!! wow.

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