Monday, May 17, 2004

So I'm home now!! Yay! Here's how I got home and what I've been doing:

Thursday: Dale kept saying she wanted to go out Thursday night, as I'd been done with my finals since Tuesday and I really wanted to go out and celebrate. But I ended up chasing after her and Miranda and going to dinner (at Prospect), instead of going with Korisha and Beth to Amherst to see Korisha's presentation. So then I was rather depressed because Dale didn't want to go out at night either. So I was sitting in my completely bare room, when Korisha and Beth came by. They completely rescued me from end-of-the-semester-blahs. We went out to the ABC and tried some kind of beer (Beth's exact words were, I think, "This tastes like ASS"). We also ran into Korisha's boss, who was wandering around in the streets of Amherst. That was definitely bizarre...Then we drove to pick up Beth's parents. Korisha and I got lost in the Bradley loops, but luckily we didn't end up on the freeway!

That night, since my room was really bare, I slept in Dale and Miranda's room. In the morning we scrounged around for breakfast, and I printed out and turned in The Blackstick Review. Thank God that's over!! But then it was nearly 11 am, and Dale was still packing her stuff and getting it out of the hall. So I was understandably getting worried, as I'd hoped to leave at 11 am. I ran some errands for us, but she still wasn't ready by 11:15. So she told me to start packing her stuff out with her so we could go sooner, so I helped, but it wasn't getting done very quickly. 11:30 am, and I ran into Beth, who could tell I was nervous. Long story short, Beth and her family rescued me and got me to the airport in time to catch my flight without much worrying! They completely calmed me down, and I think I had the most nerve-free flight ever.

The flights were good, except for delays. The first leg was 20 minutes delayed at least, as they were throwing a circuit breaker or something technical like that (which should have been taken care of BEFORE they boarded the plane, but...that's NWA for you). I had a window seat, and no one sat in the middle, so it was nice... i was able to do my weird leg contortions and stay comfortable. Then I spent about 3 hours in the midwest, as we sat on the next plane for a full hour while a "mechanical problem" was taken care of (which also should have been taken care of BEFORE boarding the plane). So our flight was definitely late...But again no one sat in the middle and I was in the aisle, so it was fairly comfortable. They gave us free alcohol (the first one, anyway), but I had tea instead.

At the airport Mum, Mer, & Grammy found me. It was wonderful seeing everyone again. Visited at Grammy's house a little while, then I pushed my awake time to like 21 hours staying up talking with everyone at home.

Saturday: I slept till ONE PM. That's like, four o'clock eastern time. Crazy. So I ended up seeing my Dad, and going out to see Troy. Also took a trip to Northwest Lake, feeding some weird ass looking geese...Played checkers with Margy's niece and nephew. I saw like 4 people from high school at the theatre which was kind of eerie. Troy was entertaining, lots of fighting scenes. Somehow I even had merlot without getting carded. Dad throughout the movie pointed out deviations from The Iliad, as I haven't read it. SNL was surprisingly funny with the Olsen twins. Jimmy's last show =(

Sunday: Slept in again, but after a couple of tours of the new house (one for Mary Marker, one for Scott and Linda), we decided to go hiking. We took a trail up by Laurance Lake and it was beautiful. Got to love those pines and evergreens. Such a different looking forest from those out east... Lots of pictures, Mum & Mer were constantly looking for photo ops. And Merrie found lots of frogs in a bog.

Sunday night we all went out to Pietro's -- I was in ecstasy over taco pizza. Amazing.

Today! I woke up early, saw Merrie off, and then waited till Mum got home. Luckily didn't have an exam at the clinic... Then I found lots of books at Artifacts. Lots of cute things at Second Thought, too... I want a new bag of some sort... And they had a little swim skirt that would match my kind of tiny bikini...

Then me and Mum had ice cream... Yummy, sticky bun and chocolate brownie!

That's about it up till now! I love being home.

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