Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Advice for the day: Whenever you sign on to a job or internship, make sure you get a contract with the salary on it. Because yeah, it sucks when the people in charge randomly decide to change the salary. Yes, I'm getting ready to launch into the story that you have all probably heard, but oh well, if you've heard it you can skip over this:

So I went into Boston late March or early April for an interview at this new company that basically is an online resource for parents and teens on all topics that teens face, etc. etc. And it seemed pretty cool, they offered me the position, said it'd be full-time and $10/hour, and I was sold. About a week, a week and a half later, after I'd totally stopped looking into the other positions I had applied for, I get an email confirming that they want me and that they can offer me $50/day. I figure for an 8-hour workday that's a loss of about $30/day. That seems like kinda a lot. So I give them a call, am assured that they're willing to work with me, blah blah blah. They say maybe I can get a scholarship at the end of the summer guaranteed to help me pay for school books. Problem with this? They'll probably later take that back, too! So I ask for some more time to think about it, and to have them call me again soon. Two weeks go by. I'm wondering what the hell is going on, so I give them another call. Finally talk to the woman in charge of interns. My phone card goes out but I hear something about "not sure about adding another person," "there have been some changes..." So I call back frantically (f$&#!!!! phone wouldn't work!!), and basically just get a confirmation that they'll contact me again ASAP. Of course I'm worried like crazy, thinking I'm going to end up living in a cardboard box (although a very nice cardboard box) on Newbury St. I worry all night, write some emails in response to job offers on Craig's List, send off my resume, and research more job/internship opportunities on the CDC website. I wake up with a fluttery stomach wondering wtf I'm going to do, check new job listings on Craig's List. FINALLY this afternoon, after telling Thomasena and Prof. Pesola about it at the Spanish dept. picnic, I get an email. Good news: They offered me $60/day instead. Bad news: The scholarship isn't guaranteed. But I think I'm going to just do it, and make sure I only work 8 hours a day. The leftover hours will be spent outside the office complex, reading and waiting for Andrew to be done with his job. Wow. And I just finished my essay for Siraj's class. So it's like, all is well with the world again. Except for the damn literary magazine for Eng. 303!!

Ok if you skipped over all that, good news for you because that was long and boring. On to my snippets:

Good news today:
-Jaime's excellent mix CD which sustained me through the last three pages and the works cited list of my paper. Yeah Apollonian and Dionysian music! Take that, Adrianne! (I saw her at dinner, btw.)
-Refreshments at the English theses talk.
-Mum & Mer sent me a care package!
-Siraj's essay is pretty much done.
-Did well on peer mentoring assignments.
-It didn't rain today.
-Last night watching Center Stage. (Officially, it was very early in the morning today.)
-The ice cream at dinner. Yum.

Bad news today:
-I saw Old Yeller at the Spanish dept. picnic.
-I again saw Old Yeller at dinner and she gave me the "I'm a scary bitch but I'm going to smile like I'm really happy to see you because I'm not going to confront you when people might overhear me" smile.
-The let down of a cinco de mayo gracious dinner. Just because we've got candles doesn't mean it's gracious!! I've had better refried beans out of a CAN for CHRIST'S SAKE!
-Weather kinda sucked.

Hmmmmm..... more later!

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