Wednesday, May 26, 2004

It's been a few days... I'm trying to remember...

Saturday: I don't think Saturday was very exciting, which is sad, because Saturdays should always be exciting, especially Saturday nights. But Mer and I did watch SNL, which was excellent. "I want more cowbell!"

Sunday: Mum and I went early to a windsurfing swap hoping to get rid of some windsurfing equipment we have "inherited" from some people we alpaca-sit for. Long story short, we got up at 6:30 am and paid 5$ for the priviledge of sitting in the wind all morning. At some point we offered everything we had for $50. There were no takers. We left. Luckily Tim found some people that wanted the stuff and just gave it away.

In the evening we had Mer's Elks banquet. The food was kind of like dorm food. Greasy scalloped potatoes, tough tasteless chicken, salad composed primarily of iceberg lettuce. Also like MHC food, the only redeeming point was dessert: cake. [It might be noted at this point that Jaime ate a brownie as big as her head the other day!!]

The other interesting thing about dinner: we sat at the same table as the Burton-Hendrickson family. This is interesting because I knew the older brother who is one of 3 people that I know from Hood River (yes that's counting myself) going to school in MA.

Monday: I went to town with Mum in order to be dropped of downtown to wander about on my own while she worked for 3 hours. I didn't really meet up with anyone, so it was kind of cool just doing whatever I felt like and spending some time alone. I walked first to Holstein's for something to drink because I was thirsty. [Raspberry Italian Soda, and here they ask you if you want cream in it, and whipped cream on top. I hate that they give you just plain club soda with a shot of flavor in it on the east coast, it's a rip off. If I wanted plain soda I could buy it from a vending machine!!] Anyways, after sitting for awhile and reading my book I ventured off to buy this bag I've been wanting to buy. That accomplished, I wandered around in the used book store for awhile, eventually picking out James's The Golden Bowl because it is highly recommended by Quillian as perhaps his favorite novel. And it's been awhile since I read James, since sophomore year, and maybe this will be useful for the GRE subject test...

Next stop was the library. I sat on the lawn for awhile to finish Zadie Smith's White Teeth, which was awesome and amazing and humorous. The end tied up perfectly, like a Dickens novel... But alas, I am not using it for my independent project next year.

I then went in the library and searched for Great Britain travel guides. Which made me think maybe I should go abroad right after graduating next spring, rather than during January. Due to the weather, you know. Then it was time for ice cream: sticky bun and chocolate brownie again at Carousel Candy!

That was the most interesting part of my Monday... On to Tuesday!

Tuesday: I unfortunately missed lunch with the relatives, but I did meet up with all three of my aunts at Grammy's house for a letter-writing marathon. Grammy needed help with thank-you notes for all the flowers. They enlisted me to write the model letter with prompts. We ended up writing over 35 letters I think. At some point Mum came back and helped a little, too. Sitting with everyone was definitely a highlight.

In the evening we again met up with Grammy (and Aunt Donna) for Mer's scholarship night. She received two (interestingly, they were two of the same ones I got as a senior). I was about to scream with frustration as W.T.E. [acronym of code name] gathered up like, eight. She also took the Parkdale one I wanted Mer to get. The problem with this is W.T.E. is not bright, or a star athlete. She's just unbearably average. And, my prediction is she will be partying like crazy at OSU and eventually drop out to get married. Sad, sad night it was...

But, we did get cake afterwards. And I managed to get a huge piece with LOTS of frosting. And we proceeded to go home, where I baked chocolate chip cookies. Yum, dough!

Speaking of cookies, Mer had better get me Otis Spunkmeyer cookies at school today.

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