Friday, May 07, 2004

It was another beautiful sunny day, but today it was actually WARM. I turned in my papers, worked longer than I normally do on Fridays at the mail center, and came to the conclusion that I should do a creative writing thesis. After dinner, Dale, Miranda & I had an adventure in finding storage boxes. We went to grocery stores, liquor stores, and a BJ's looking for boxes for summer storage. Miranda pointed out that there was a distinct majority of men in the liquor stores. We found a lot of boxes that used to hold flowers at BJ's, but they were so large they took up all the trunk and backseat. Miranda & I squished into the front for the ride home. Dale found a cemetary on the way home and decided that we should stop, so we did. Studying names, we found lots of French names, many sharing Dale's last name (spooky). But not Smiths or Richardsons. The sunset was gorgeous, clouds at a slant, blue sky to one side, yellow to the other... At some point it became too chilly to wander about, and we squished back into the car.

We had a hell of a time getting the boxes into Pearsons. Once we got inside we let them all fall around the entry way... Somehow we got upstairs, I ended up dropping all but three boxes because I was laughing so hard. Somehow Dale picked up the slack. So on our floor, in the hallway, we played the annoying kids having fun during finals. We built a fort, took pictures of ourselves in the fort, and fought over who would get to keep which boxes.

After, I read some, but mostly didn't work. Oh well! I only have one Spanish essay left and I don't think I could get less than a 98% on it if I tried...

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