Wednesday, November 12, 2003

We watched the movie version of Ulysses today in my English seminar, it was surprisingly well done. We had a hell of a time finding a room in which to watch the movie, however. Quillian sent one girl over to the library to check out a possible room, which ended up being taken already. So we were all just talking about random things, advising for next semester, Shakespeare classes, etc. etc., while Quillian checked on rooms in our same building (Clapp). Upon finding that no rooms were available, he decided to lead us over to Shattuck. Long story short, no rooms with DVD set-ups were unoccupied there, either. So about ten of us were just standing in the hall talking, wondering what Quillian was doing, figuring that like kids lost in the woods we should stay in one place and wait to be found. When we heard a roaring in the stairwell that could only have been Quillian, directing a bunch of students into the English department lounge. Apparently he kicked a philosophy class out of the room we wanted to use! So we watched the movie with a few sporadic interruptions when philosophy students came in, realized we weren't their classmates, looked befuddled, and were directed to the English lounge.

Walking home I took a less populated route and the sky was rippled with clouds and the sun was starting to set behind the trees. I felt like I was walking around in Ulysses, until I got into Pearsons and the stench of rotted pumpkins hit me.

Watched another crazy movie this evening for my Spanish class, based on this short story we read.... there were screaming mimes, nude girls wrestling in blue paper, and zany 60s fashions. Then listened to some awesome music, thanks to my very talented co-SA, Katie!

Decided to put off starting the Spanish paper till tomorrow evening =) After the play, of course!

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