Sunday, November 09, 2003

I haven't updated in awhile! I was off house/dog-sitting for the weekend, and had a lovely relaxing and happy time.

Friday: Kobe confronted a little girl (about 3 years old) and an infant in a baby carriage with great success. Lily basically wanted me to follow her family home so she could spend maximum time near the dog, and the baby started smiling when Kobe gave him a kiss on the mouth. I was a little worried watching this lion-dog sniff at Lily who is, after all, just barely tall enough to look Kobe in the eyes and definitely only like a fifth or so of Kobe's weight.

Had fun "double-dating" for a movie in Dale's room!

Sat: The Flayvores expedition that was successful, since Andrew actually figured out where the place was! Dale was in raptures over the cows, her hands were brown from their snot and dirty fur. Our shoes got kinda caked up with manure and it was cold but lots of fun =)

Sun: The third matrix was entertaining and great with all the special effects. Had some discussions afterwards... I wanted them to wrap everything up better. The sunrise scene didn't really give me a warm fuzzy feeling of conclusion and resolution... and I think we agreed that the action scenes were good but the dialogue tended to be predictable and overly sentimental. There's the movie review that doesn't give anything significant away!!

Must get through the week, now --

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