Thursday, November 06, 2003

Ok, so my only really big news came yesterday: I got an A+ on my Lawrence paper! The one I thought I should maybe not turn in? Yes, that one! The one that was easy and relaxing to write? Yes, that one! So maybe I'm getting comfortable now with the whole business of writing essays? We'll see... Because my art history paper got an A- (uh oh, i'm slipping up!). Oh yes, and today was my art history quiz, which was intense. I thought Constable was off our study list so I definitely didn't study or remember the title of The Flatiron Mill or whatever the heck it is. I wrote an ok essay just remembering what we talked about in class, but I could have sworn he said that Constable wouldn't be quiz material... oh well. Won't be getting lower than a B on that, so, no problems...

Cleaned my room today, this is becoming a regular habit of mine, doing laundry and sprucing up so my room is presentable for a guest. Dale was cleaning rather intensely so I thought maybe I should go a bit more in depth, too. Dusting and all that.

Dale's got Warren over, so I went to dinner with them. Tomorrow morning I have a SAW center interview, a Kobe walk, and work at the mail center. Oh lucky me. But I have things to look forward to after all of that is over!

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