Friday, November 21, 2003

So I was alerted that I haven't been updating much this week! =) Here's my grand excuse: I was working on a Spanish paper! It's done now, as done as it's going to get. It couldn't be improved upon unless I totally changed it (and it perhaps is bad enough to warrant that, but, it's done and I feel like getting rid of it). Ok, so if there are lots of typos it's because I'm listening to a Rent song and it's totally distracting me. "No day but today." I want the soundtrack now I think, it seems like you don't even need the acting, just the singing... haha maybe that's because me and Dale were so far away from the stage that all we really had to go on was the singing!

Pearson's fire drill was scheduled for last night, so I was up late waiting for it. I worked on my paper till about 2:15 am, then got ready for bed. Wandered around and met up with everyone downstairs in the living room, waiting for the alarm to sound. But it didn't. Turned out that it was canceled due to some rain (figures). So tonight we had it, and I was actually in the bathroom this time around, and it was blaring and loud and super annoying. "How are we gonna pay last year's rent." I'm way too distracted to be writing this =)

On my way to Newton today I was walking down Jewett Lane, and everything was quiet and the sky was gray but it wasn't raining. I saw a roadkill rabbit (strange, it's not supposed to be a street you can drive fast on), and then this medium sized bird swooped down from a tree on my left to a tree off in someone's yard. I was hoping it was an owl, but it looked like some sort of bird of prey... I would have guessed a falcon but I have no idea about these things, maybe a hawk? It was brown, with a white belly and brown zig-zag markings on the breast. Can you help, Mer? =) Very surreal, these solitary walks... Then walking Newton back towards his house a girl from my floor came up to us, wanting to meet Newton. She was like "Oh, he's sooo cute!" And then he wiggled himself between a couple of small shrubs into Pearson's lawn. Next comment: "Ohh... he's taking a dump!"

Oh! I was totally awake for art history today, engaged, an active listener! Figuring it's either because I skipped yoga or because I was able to wake up at a later hour. Didn't get significantly more sleep, but maybe the combination of no too-relaxing yoga and no getting-up-before-I'm-ready helped. We got up to Picasso today. Georges Suerat, the guy with the painting of tiny dots. I remember taking that very literally when I was in third grade, that it was composed entirely of little dots. Like dippin-dots.

Gracious dinner tonight was lovely. Candles and cloth napkins and tableclothes, very nice. Dale, Lindsay & I were impressed. I stuffed myself. They even had dried apricots. I couldn't manage to eat dessert I was so full. Had a cookie from Mum tonight instead =) Mum, you put evaporated milk in a baggie with the cookies to truly be "M &C's", very clever you are! I was wondering "what is this mysterious label? oh! what's this baggie of white powder?" No, not a craftily disguised drug trade, evaporated milk!!

I napped this evening, from the amino acids in the turkey (or at least that's what I use as my excuse).

I joined the fourth floor for a game of Cranium, and I acted out the inchworm in the charades clue! Always immensely entertaining...! Ate lots of candy, too.

Ok, bed now. If there are any words missing from this, grammar mistakes, or spelling mistakes, just remember it's 3 am and I'm distracted!

Tomorrow will be a good day! =)

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