Monday, November 10, 2003

A really cold day with lots of napping!

So I have trouble crossing streets when there are cars around that I have to anticipate whether or not 1) the driver sees me and 2) whether I should "go for it" or wait on them. This is especially traumatic when I don't see a car and have to make a split decision. I was crossing from Pearson's lawn to the sidewalk heading towards the village commons, on my way to walk Kobe, when I realized a car was coming out of the driveway. So for a moment I just kept walking straight on my side, but then they were moving so slowly that I decided to make a run for it. I had gotten across the driveway when I heard honking, so I thought, oops, they just found that rather unsafe. But then it turned out to be two of our ADs (Mari being the driver)! So instead of getting a safety warning, Mari drove me to Kobe's! Cut down on my time outside, but it was a sunny day (it just never warmed up).

I had a super weird experience on my way back from Kobe's... I was nearing the bus stop when I spotted a familiar face. And it wasn't the sort of thing that I had to think about. No, I knew this girl from the second I spotted her. It was S. (abbreviated because I don't really recall her name that well), Karuna's Parisian roommate from first year! She was supposedly only at MHC for one year as an "exchange student," spending her junior year with us and then leaving us in peace once again. However, while she was here, she wrecked havoc on our floor (and especially in Karuna's room). She didn't eat, which was especially noticeable in those good old days of dinner in all the dorms. She hated America and delighted in weighing herself 3 times a day. Karuna eventually got a new roommate and we all thought S. was out of our lives for good. But no, she and her gorgeous mother were waiting at the little South Hadley bus stop, quite the change of pace from Paris. Wonder what she was doing here...

Ahh Merrie, you're reading The Stranger! I just had Andrew listen to the song by The Clash that Lindsey gave me, so strangely about that book! If you read "Araby" have me send you the Hootie and the Blowfish song about that one, definitely interesting...

And in further news, getting more used to talking on the phone =)

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