Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Had a lovely weekend visiting Andrew, making it all the harder to settle down and finish Mrs. Dalloway and write a Spanish paper on Pedro Paramo! And yes, I did pet the tortoise, Mum, and I think I rather scared him out of a nap. We watched About Adam (lots of Christina Rossetti references, they actually quoted "Goblin Market"!) and played games and walked about in the city and I saw an albino squirrel at the "pond" that I think is a lake. And the squirrels in Boston's parks are apparently all rather overweight. They look more like small rabbits than squirrels...

So back in my unfortunate school mode, I re-decided to be a Spanish minor and have turned in my schedule for next semester. Had a talk with Quillian about my paper, classes in the future, thesis writing, and grad school. Oh the horrors!

Off to yoga now, more later!

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