Thursday, November 13, 2003

It's late! So this will be short. My Newton walk was particularly memorable today, it was windy and blustery all day, at one point Newton and I were running full speed with the leaves to God only knows where, Newton was leading and I was just looking out for cars and holding on! Played with him when I brought him home, he looks like a little doggy teddy bear. He barked (I didn't hear him bark for the first three months I was walking him), as he expected a dog biscuit after being so well behaved.

Had a good conversation with Mum today, here are some fun bits:

This is Mum worrying about my driving about with someone she hasn't officially met yet:
SITA3783: what kind of car does he drive? is he a good driver?
SITA3783: did you email me a photo?
Pink Poodledog: hahahaha you're such a mom, mum :-)
Pink Poodledog: yeah
Pink Poodledog: let me know if it doesn't go through and I'll resend
SITA3783: I know hehe, I can't help it

Here we are thinking about turtles:
SITA3783: will you get to meet his turtle?
Pink Poodledog: hahahaha yes
Pink Poodledog: oh, and apparently it's a tortoise, officially
SITA3783: what fun!! well give him a little rub for me
Pink Poodledog: a russian land tortoise or some such thing?
Pink Poodledog: hehehe ok
SITA3783: oh yes, a tortoise

This evening Dale and I had a super interesting dinner. We went to Ham for a "gracious dinner" (there were no tablecloths, nor candles, so I don't really consider it a full gracious dinner), Chinese themed. I had some, uhm, fleshy pink looking balls of shrimp or something, and noodles and hot and sour soup (which wasn't good), and stir fried stuff... The "dessert" was almond flavored bean curd (think denser and thicker jello) with a few mandarin oranges and a mint leaf (they get points for presentation). Oh, and there were "banana people" for the salad bar garnish, really wished I had my camera already! (the cameras were actually delivered today while I was talking to Mum, but of course they were delivered to Oregon rather than here!) Anyway, it wasn't an entirely satisfying dessert so I had cookie dough softserve, too.

Attended the family themed poetry reading and of course snatched a chocolate raspberry cream cheese bar, oh heavens, oh bliss, oh raptures and singing angels! I love those CRCCBs! So I ate that on my way to Top Girls, which was strange and funny and crazy. Lee did awesome, and my neighbor was in it, too. Dale, Jos, & I walked out very confused. Then I was bodily dragged to CVS, the cheap gas station in Chicopee, and Taco Bell (Taco Hell as Jos says). But now I'm all packed for my weekend, and wishing I was going first thing in the morning instead of after working most the day!! =)

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