Friday, February 20, 2004

What a day!

I got up at a decent hour and it was a little sad because I knew I wouldn't be seeing Andrew tonight. But then I got busy. I walked Kobe and we met a little white furry dog and Kobe batted at it with her huge paw and got its ear dirty. Then she acted like a dog on crack, or a dog on rabies, and refused to go back inside after we had taken a walk and played fetch. So I finally pounced on her and grabbed her collar, then hauled her back in the house, lamenting all the way about how she was being completely unreasonable. Kobe of course didn't get it, and watched me from the window as I was leaving, as usual.

I rushed back to my room and then thought I had more time than I did; I thought I had to be at the English department at noon for the group lunch instead of 11:50, so when I remembered the real time I booked it over to Shattuck. Luckily, they hadn't left yet. Me and two other English majors were scheduled to eat lunch with a professor MHC may hire to teach fiction writing. His writing samples were awesome. Last night I stayed up till three am reading his stories and something by Harriet Johnson about disabled persons and Singer. Well. Lunch was good, we had a few awkward pauses but on the whole it went well, I think. We almost didn't get dessert-- one student declined dessert when the waitress offered it to us, and the prof. was going to follow whatever we wanted to do. So I said I wouldn't mind seeing the desserts, and it ended up three out of four of us ate dessert. Yay me! Today is the day of inflicting my will upon others! I had a yummy hectagon of tiramisu, and two cups of earl grey tea (I would have stolen tea packets but the waitress took them away from us).

Later, I was able to see the interview-ee speak to the faculty about his teaching philosophy and about how he sees fiction writing classes. He was totally engaging, and I just loved being in the same room as all these profs. I had Profs Demas, Shaw, and Quillian to talk to, it was wonderful. I love our english department! On my way to dinner I ran into Miranda and Dale; we ate at Wilder and Dale made us deviled eggs.

I've relaxed, read, done laundry, and been on duty tonight. Weird. So this is what Friday nights used to look like.

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