Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Classes have been figured out: 300-level English: Intro Post-Colonial Studies, 300-level English: Short Story Writing, 200-level English: Literary Criticism & Literature, 200-level Spanish: Latin American I Lit, 200-level Interdisciplinary: Peer Mentoring (so that I can work in the SAW center next year and get paid for reading and attending classes instead of working for Res Life). Yesterday was a good day because 1) I figured out these classes to take (oh and I'm taking ballroom dance!), 2) both of my ebay buys arrived, and 3) it snowed beautifully & I had a nice dinner with Lindsay & friends! Things definitely turned out well even though I started the day off on a hectic note when I slept through my alarm and woke up about 25/35 minutes before my first class started!

Today was also quite busy... I read, had lunch, turned in some stuff for Karuna at the CDC, read some more, sat around with everyone waiting for the door to be unlocked for Eng. 280, had a happy class, rushed to the bathroom and to Ciruti and still got to my Spanish class about five minutes late, participated more than usual to make up for my tardiness, read for an hour in 1837 before dinner, had a lovely dinner with the ladies of the English Student Board, then came back here! Quality quote from dinner: "I didn't want to serve Justin Timberlake a nasty hot dog." - Emily, who did, in fact, meet J.T. Megan had her point proven that any subject and verb can be made to sound dirty if said in the right tone of voice: "Hey, wanna tie my shoes?"

Things seemed to move slowly today, it felt like I'd been awake longer than I had been. Maybe because last night I fell asleep with the lights on and without brushing my teeth, so at 8 am I brushed and turned off the lights, then woke up again at 9:30. Strange. Must stop doing that. But my bed is so comfortable...

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