Thursday, February 19, 2004

After yesterday I'm feeling the need to update. And while eating dinner I was reading the creative writing class stories and was feeling the need to write something before reading for quillian's class. So here goes!

Weds was the big day. Two public speaking adventures in the space of 5 hours. The sorts of things I normally stay away from. Weds morning I did some reading for my Spanish presentation, and then met up with my group at the library. We were feeling pretty confident, but I think all of us except for Corinne were pretty nervous, too. I ate lunch over my notecards, rehearsing what I'd say during the presentation. I sat through Lit. Crit. & Theory and then ran off to Ciruti for Spanish. Very nervous at this point, and needed to use the bathroom (drank too much water at lunch). The presentation was going ok, very mellow and comfortable, when Michelle handed it over to met earlier than I had expected. Then my mouth started getting dry and I kept stumbling over long Aztec words. At one of these words (as Corinne told me later) I said "caca" in the process of sounding it out (hey, that's what was written!!). Naturally, a couple of girls in the audience laughed. I didn't know WHY they laughed though, so I just got totally distracted and embarrassed, thinking that they were laughing at me. I think this was the beginning of the end. So I cut out all the cool things I had wanted to say and just ended it in my stumbling Spanish.

But, this turned out ok, because we actually were two or three times as long as our professor had expected. She assured us that we had done a wonderful job and had set a high precedent for the rest of the presentations, but, we all know I didn't do very well on my part!!

After Spanish I ran back to my room to get ready for the poetry reading. At which I hoped to redeem myself. (Yes I know that that was a sentence fragment). I waited in "The Dirty" for awhile, until Kim found me and we drove over as the two MHC representatives. We found the house, and wandered upstairs looking for the hosts. The apartment was amazing looking, very Asian inspired decorations and bookshelves on every wall. A very pink satiny love seat in the living room, and the best flatware, very Martha-Stewart-shopping-at-the-Pottery-Barn-esque. More people kept trickling in, so we kept reintroducing ourselves. Out of ten students reading, only one was a guy. Everyone was pretty cool in very different ways.

At dinner, I got pushed to the end of the table since the Amherst girl had her mother with her at the dinner (wtf?) The conversation was dominated by the two Smithies (talking about playing this game, Assassin) and the Amherst girl & guy (Amherst girl was nice but too much like me when I'm trying to be social so of course I didn't like her. I tend to dislike people that are like me). I sat by the quieter Umass gal, who was a senior and nervous to be reading in public. Neither of us had read in a public setting like this before. The dinner was amazing, rice and some sort of lentil topping and salad with grapefruit sections (beautifully sliced) and duck. Dessert took me awhile to eat because I was shy to just take the dessert fork that was at the place setting next to mine (seemed like bad manners?) But dessert was amazing, we had pie pieces of fig tart and cubes of what tasted like fresh pistachio ice cream, bliss.

After, we walked over to Converse Hall together. I was quite nervous. Loved hearing people read their poetry, all the more enjoyable because I was at least casually acquainted with everyone now. Kim was very supportive, and I read without making any mistakes (even though my voice was a little shaky). Prof. Shaw was there, chatted with me afterwards. Laura came which was super exciting, and we took the PVTA home together (after sampling some amazing chocolate dessert cups with raspberries. Oh raptures!)

It was a very productive day, I don't think I was in my room for more than 2 hours between noon and midnight! Also a day of realizing that I enjoy poetry writing more than fiction writing. And I'm in a short story writing seminar. Oops. Also realized me-as-poet is a very egotistical creature. Seemed like a lot of the five college poets reading were of a similar nature. Or am I just imagining this?

Today I ran many errands and did everything that I was supposed to do (up to this point).

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