Friday, February 20, 2004

So "A" sent me some news articles online as we're making an inspiration board for my short story seminar out of newspaper and magazine articles. (I think we can all figure out who "A" is.) So A. sent me an article about a camel that got loose in sweden because its stablemate, a horse, wasn't there, and another about a piranha in the Thames. This is A.'s idea on how to connect the two into a really great story:

A: you could do a story about all these crazy random animals
A: maybe about a south american piranha and a mongolian camel who met on the internet and traveled the globe to finally meet
A: but the piranha got lost in the thames, and the camel got sidetracked in sweden by a horse
A: then you could make up the ending! it would be like finding nemo on crack
Pink Poodledog: hahahahah

(just had to post that. yay I've actually updated my blog twice in 24 hours!!)

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