Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Ack now I can't remember what I did last week. Thursday is kinda blurry, so let's start with Friday:

Friday: It was snowing/raining/gross out, and I wasn't sure how I was going to get to Boston for the weekend. None of the pathways had been shoveled yet, even by 11 am when I was heading out to run some errands and eat lunch. Everyone was slipping all over and the snow was avalanching off the roofs. The mail center was closed (the door was locked and I could see a paper sign with something about the weather scribbled on it). There was a festive feel at lunch, I sat with Stephanie and Erin and looked at alloy catalogs. I was quite antsy to get out of Peer Mentoring, since it was probably the only class meeting that afternoon in the whole valley. It turned out that another member of that class was catching the Boston bus, so we headed over together. We met some cool people on our way, including this gal running by who wanted us to delay the bus so she'd have time to get her birth control pills! It was a really nice bus ride, no bus switching or anything, so I napped and read some.

Andrew arrived about 5 minutes after me at the Framingham stop, and we headed to the mall right away to eat something. We wandered around for awhile and sat right by a big plotted plant. At his apartment I sat through the last Ed of the season(which, I admit, was pretty funny). A night of firsts, I enjoyed Ed &, well, yeah.

Saturday: I didn't leave the apartment all day! Very relaxing and pleasant day. I read a little, and we baked cookies (with smokey results, we discovered that wax paper does it, but we didn't know what was wrong and Andrew was worried about leaving me to get his hair cut, but it was fine, the smoke alarm didn't go off!), and we had pad thai for dinner and a game of scrabble (he won, by a lot). After dinner we all watched Seabiscuit, which was highly entertaining and good due to lots of horses being in it. Then we watched a little bit of SNL (for weekend update, the rest wasn't very good...) and I showered and we went to bed.

Sunday: After an apple & croissant dough experiment (which turned out pretty yummy) and breakfast, we read a bit and then headed out. We wandered around Newbury St. and got some good candy, looked at music and exploratory fun stuff, and had coffee (or tea, in my case). Then we got to see his friend Carlo's new apartment, which has been very tastefully and elegantly re-done. His parents were there, which was cool, so we all ate dinner together. And I met Kiwi the pug, who was single-mindedly going after my wool scarf and mittens. I was a little sleepy on the way home, but perked up as we watched The Royal Tenenbaums.

Monday: Very hard to wake up. Slept on the bus and read a bit. Elizabeth was on this bus, too! So we sat together. It was a little strange getting back into the swing of things... Then I had the awards ceremony at 4, and Lindsay was there! Sarah W. scholars pretty much just stood up and sat down, but still! Then I socialized a bit over snack food, and met one of the gals next to me, Darcy. Then me and Lindsay met for dinner, and I found out that the girl I'd just met, Darcy, lives right next to Lindsay. Small campus! I was pretty sleepy after the huge gracious dinner... but it was fun, Dale, Miranda, Lindsay, Thomasena, Rachel, and Jos were there. I ended up sleeping a bit over my homework, until Michelle called to update me on the Spanish presentacion. I must sound strange when I first wake up.

Today: Was crazy. I woke up and immediately started trying to find a sub for today in the mail center, because Rachel F. needed a babysitter and I thought the prospect of spending the afternoon with Hieu and Newton was far more appealing than working in the mail center! So I found someone during ballroom dance (learned the foxtrot today) and proceeded to have a relaxing afternoon playing dogopoly and petting Newton! Also managed to pop a huge yellow balloon, but luckily H. forgave me.

Oh, and my mother sent me Valentine's Day window decals! Which are now all over my window and mirrors! And my book came for SAW, and a little care package from Grammy & Grandpa's church.

And I am full-time worrying about this oral short story due Thursday.

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