Monday, February 02, 2004

Oopsy it's been awhile... Very busy. Can't figure out classes yet. I had my best ever snowy walk with Newton last Thursday, we met a cockapoo named Willy. I had three meetings with Quillian on the subject of my classes, one while I was running from Shattuck to the Tower Room looking for our creative writing class, and Quillian called "So have you decided?" and I yelled back "No!" and kept running. One of those MHC bubble moments, there. My first Peer Mentoring class was interesting and strangely parallel to Res Life training. "Are you a hammer or a nail? An ocean or a forest? A leader or a follower?" My first shift back to the Mail Center was odd but good, it's been awhile, and Bernice and I, surely, have some catching up to do! New rule: must push the pulley rather than pull the pulley. Why? It could cause back pain.

Now the weekend I can recall in more detail, so here we go:

Friday: After my Peer Mentoring class I got ready for Andrew's arrival, and tried to round people up for dinner! I rushed Andrew from his car to Wilder, and we had a crazy dinner! It was a Thanksgiving-ish dinner (turkey, squash, mashed potatoes, stuffing, that sort of thing), with challah bread and two desserts and matzoh ball soup (without any matzoh balls). Lindsay, Korisha, Emily, Beth, Andrew, and myself were there, and it was crazy, I think we were all talking the whole time! I couldn't stop laughing, Korisha did the "food testing" test with Andrew and he responded the same way I did for the last like 2 years. And Lindsay had her hilarious dorm-life accounts, which are definitely accurate (esp. the blow drying in this cold weather!) After dinner we went upstairs for a game of Cranium, but me and Andrew weren't allowed to be partners! It was still fun, of course, even though me and my partner had a little trouble getting off of start!

Saturday: Since we got to bed at a decent hour the night before, we managed to get out in time for brunch. We tried Karen's Kitchen, which was yummy and rather casual, with a "store feel" inside. We sat and drank coffee and tea afterwards, in the midst of the closing chaos. We decided against going into Amherst, and instead we headed back to MHC to get some work done. We took a little stop at Atkin's to avoid said work. Finally though, it couldn't be put off any longer, and we had a nice work session in the English lounge of Shattuck (which may become my second home, soon). After the sun stopped steaming in through the windows we decided it was time to go out for dinner. Took a bathrrom break and hurried off to see if anyone wanted to go with us! Everyone was pretty much in for the night, so we went to Amherst by ourselves for dinner. I had Bueno y Sano for the first time! It was good, except there was a hair in my burrito =/ But at least I didn't dump my burrito on the floor, scrape it back onto a plate, and eat it, like the girl at the next table over from us!

We found ONE book I wanted at the used book store, not the greatest luck! Had a tissue incident. And a trip to CVS. And a cold walk to the car! Back at MHC we had coffee and dessert from Blanchard, and then speed walked over to see Pirates of the Caribbean on the big screen in Gamble. It was really good, even a second time around. Very entertaining! We almost watched some Sex and the City at the hall activity, but the room was too packed looking.

Sunday: We got up fairly early, and then recruited Dale & Miranda to eat brunch with us! We went to Abbey for the crepe bar, which was pretty good. I ate my old classic three plates, but without the old bloated feeling. Ahh I miss you, Kathleen!! We ate with Alyssa, too, and ran into an old Amherst friend of Andrew's (and his first year MHC gf). We did a bit of reading in the afternoon, but soon got distracted. So we played a game. Took a trip over to The Thirsty Mind and continued reading, then we picked up supplies (for the Super Bowl get-together, and my floor activity on Tuesday) at Big Y. Before going to Phoebe's, we picked up Fanny, a really cool gal from France who's here for a year and knows Phoebe from a class. This marked the first time in years that I watched a football game, and kinda sorta enjoyed it! It was pretty exciting towards the end, we were all hoping for the game to end without a tie and overtime! Finally got to bed, I had a weird dream with Torrey's architecture and Andrew. I need to have a more coherent one before Weds so I can turn in a dream fragment for my creative writing class!

Now I'm sitting about with tea, about to do some reading! Then I'll print out some more reading at the library, read that, have lunch, and start with classes! Oh and make signs for my floor activity...

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