Monday, February 16, 2004

Last week was soooo busy I didn't even post, partly because I was busy and partly because it would have been basically like this: today I woke up, hurried out to classes, hurried to do homework & eat, went to meetings/ did more work. Not so exciting. Two good things: Thursday was our Verbosity meeting and lots of people came!! Yay us! And Lindsay and I had a lovely dinner at the Rockies and she gave me the most adorable valentine's day surprise -- a pink poodle bookmark!

So let's just talk about my weekend now since that was lovely and it was Valentine's Day, after all.

Friday: I ate dinner at Wilder with Hollin and Alyssa, and others that I had just met so I don't remember their names. I took some chocolate pie and challah, and wasn't very productive back in my room till Andrew came. I did start a possible short story, though. When Andrew arrived, we talked with Dale a bit and then started getting his dinner together. Between the three of us, we constructed quite the meal. He had soup, I had bread & dessert, and Dale had salad. So we all sat down in the formal dining room of our hall with Ashley and ate together. That was fun =) Plan to someday eat tv dinners down there at opposite ends of the table and provide some comic relief for the people doing homework in the common rooms.

After, we watched Thirteen, which was a rather disturbing movie about two wayward young girls. Crazy kids, I sure wasn't into that stuff in middle school. We decided to cheat and exchange gifts Friday night (but it was technically Saturday, it was after midnight!!) I showered, and at some point we fell asleep with the lights on, and didn't wake up till like 6 or 7 the next morning. Oops. Granted, I do this pretty often when I'm here alone, but now I'm dragging Andrew into my bad habits.

Saturday: The good thing about falling asleep was that we got up in the morning at a decent hour. I think we got up around 10, so we had plenty of time to get ready to go out for brunch. We took this winding road (was it route 9? I'm so bad with picturing this stuff in my head) that reminded me of country roads back home. It let out right at the breakfast place Andrew had picked. It was a really cute place, a rustic feel and very small and intimate. Old baking tools up on the walls, and signs and such. And really yummy food, apricot bread and cornbeef hash. We pretty much stuffed ourselves. Then we went to the Quabbin Reservoir and walked about, took pictures and had our picture taken. We started walking across the dam but it was too cold. So we drove further up, and we saw this lookout tower thing, and the snow was a sheet of ice on top so it was shiny and pretty.

We took a little trip to Target for Buster supplies and candy and a dvd. We looked at plastic tubs for quite awhile, it was funny. Had a dispute about shades of blue. At some point we came back here and relaxed for awhile. We got an early start out to Northampton, where we wandered about looking at books before heading to the restaurant. It was a really gorgeous place, The Union Station. It was also a very crowded place, so luckily we did have reservations! We waited awhile, but it was pretty entertaining because we were sitting next to this really snotty couple for awhile (the feminine half of which I think goes to MHC, ack!) and they were bickering. By the time we got seated we knew just what we wanted to order, and then we attacked the salad bar. I had the biggest salad ever. I think we kinda filled up on it, because we had leftovers for Sunday's dinner. Everything tasted good though, and I had real cottage cheese (as opposed to dining hall cottage cheese)!

By the time we got back home we were pretty stuffed and tired. Andrew fell asleep, and I followed suit. We woke up about an hour and a half to two hours later, around 2, and brushed and went back to bed. But then we got up early, again!

Sunday: I woke up a little after 9, and urged us out of bed, ready for another full day of weekend! We looked for Valentine's day candy at the Big Y (they were lacking in the post V-day sales), but ended up going to CVS in Amherst for such things instead. We intended to eat at Thai Corner, but as that was randomly closed we went to Fresh Side. Which was good, because it definitely improved my impression of the place, I had help ordering =) Yum!

Back here, we started watching Fargo. Really intriguing and hard to stop watching. But we had to stop at some point to rest and eat and then head off to the library where I had to meet my Spanish group. We both were in the lobby, me with my group and Andrew with his book. Then we went to Kendade for my Post Colonial Studies movie. Black and white and slow and hard to follow (maybe because it was in French and we just had subtitles? Hard to get to know characters' voices). Andrew fell asleep. I ate candy and stuck it out. Finally it was over and we were able to leave! We finished watching Fargo, which was super disturbing and what's the word, poignant? And showered, and went to bed. Sunday nights are always sad.

This morning we got up before our alarms and rested awhile. Monday mornings are always so sad =( Now I must do my reading & homework, blah!

Work is so difficult after a lovely happy weekend! And the happiest Valentine's ever =)

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