Monday, December 08, 2003

Kobe escaped today! I went chasing her all over, I was NOT happy with her! No more playing fetch after walks! Continuing the mouse-infestation clean up. Finally did my laundry!!! So proud!

Got Kathleen's postcard, too, beautiful!

Something funny from the weekend: Beth and Korisha forming a congo line (is that what they're called?) and making us dance with them down the hallway to Barry Manilow. Their neighbor opened the door, and Kate took one look at me and Andrew and said "oh that's why, they're wasted!" "no, you'd hope so...but no." Then someone decided that a closet door would make an excellent sled, so Beth and Korisha started dancing with one and then blocked someone's door with it. Then knocked on the door and ran, so we ran, too!

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