Monday, December 08, 2003

Ahh, another lovely weekend, I'm getting spoiled! Andrew came on Friday & as a snowstorm was predicted, we got provisions at the Big Y and a movie. I had Mcdonald's in the first time for ages! I missed their french fries. No dippin dots here though =( We waited for Korisha to do some calculus homework, and then had a Cranium rematch!! Beth misread "Runway model" for "Runaway model", which caused some hilarious guesses! And me and Andrew definitely won again ;) Mum, I recognized the picture of a columbine flower, you would've been proud!

Of course the big news of the night was my mice. When I got home from the mail center and started cleaning my room, I was noticing lots of little black dots in corners and random places. And when I finally sat down to look at my mail, I saw something dart out of the corner of my eye towards my fridge. So I was like, damn, was that a big old house centipede again? I started moving my fridge around and from underneath I could see two big black beady eyes looking up at me! Yes, it was a mouse! So of COURSE I called Public Safety, as every MoHo knows to do in such an emergency, and tried to corner the little bastard under my fridge. Somehow it must have gotten away, because by the time the two heavily accented FM men arrived with sticky traps the little bugger was no where to be seen. Well I started cleaning more and discovered in the corner of my closet a peanut butter cup wrapper and a pile of mouse shit. Yes, the mouse had obviously been gorging itself on junk food.

So after Andrew & I played Cranium he checked the traps for me, and found not one but TWO mice in ONE sticky trap. As much as I pretend to be a cold hearted survivalist, I couldn't handle seeing the little furry bodies stuck on there. Luckily Andrew has a slightly warped sense of humor ;) And he threw them out, as the Public Safety people said to do, into a garbage can. Where they probably had heart attacks &, I hope, died quickly. But back to being mean, they somehow got onto my top closet shelf and were eating whatever they came upon in my food supply, as in, half a snickers bar! Ick! Icky mice, I'm totally opposed to rodents right now...

Anyways, on to Saturday! The snow was gorgeous, and we ate at Blanchard while it was falling heavily. We went to the Thirsty Mind and drank coffee & listened to this woman sing the first like 30 seconds of various songs. And we played scrabble again (Andrew won again). We watched SNL in Korisha's room, which was hilarious! Al Sharpton & Michael Jackson on a roller coaster and Paris Hilton appeared & Pink was ridiculous (and it was remarked that she wants to be Gwen Stefani).

Sunday we went to brunch in Abbey, Elizabeth was there, too! We then watched In the Bedroom which was good but I think it's hard to get into a really dramatic and depressing movie when I'm happy and the sun's shining and there's snow on the ground! After, we dropped off the movie, did some pick up shopping at the Big Y, and went to get dinner at Boston Market. For dessert we ate another pint of ben & jerry's =) Watched Habla con ella, which was really good and well done. The Practice was pretty good, too. Shore is excellent and makes even the most run of the mill cases exceptional.

It was really weird to come back to my room alone this morning =( I ended up trying to write my poem for Tuesday and sleeping till ten!! But it's a pretty day out and not so cold. More later!

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