Monday, December 15, 2003

First of all, sorry it's been so long! Andrew noted an inverse relationship between Spanish papers & blog posts =\ I get a little distracted! So here are some vague recollections of the past week:

Weds: I think I started feeling a bit crappy this day, which was too bad because it was the last day of classes! We had pizza in my Spanish class & suddenly we were all friends with our profesora after everyone's been complaining about her all semester. But the pizza & cider definitely boosted morale. I knew I was getting sick & Thomasena offered the wet sock advice, but I didn't follow it (for better or worse). Quillian's class we watched To the Lighthouse, which he likes even though some of us were a bit disturbed with the liberties taken with the plot. But I guess movies are a different medium and I shouldn't judge on that...

I got out early from Quillian's class (although it seemed to drag on, I wasn't feeling well) & spent the next, uhm... 3 hours? helping Katie get our floor activity set up. We somehow lugged over media services equipment from the library that weighed as much as us, got a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean, and spent about 60$ on food! It took forever, but we finally got the equipment to work (with the help of our HP) and we watched the movie through a cool projector system set up through Katie's spiffy laptop! Ate lots and lots of good junk food! Got to bed too late considering my sick state.

Anyway. I started writing my Spanish paper earlier that night, yay for productivity!

Thursday: Definitely felt like crap this day. I worked pretty much all day while Dale & Miranda went to the mall for holiday shopping. Took a break in the evening to stagger around in the village commons in search of christmas cards & gifts. Uhm... not recommended. Walking around while you're kind of woozy from a combination of sitting all day alone with your laptop & being sick, vainly trying to make decisions... I think I looked at cards for like half an hour. It was ridiculous. Anyway I DID finish my paper, and got a full night's sleep!

Friday: Bustling day! All morning I found art history images for my flashcards, then I walked Kobe, had some chips & salsa (to stave off the crappy sick feeling, ie, a sore throat), worked in the mail center for an hour, picked out hours for next semester, then printed and handed in my Spanish paper! I turned the corner to profesora's office just as Whitney opened the door from the stairwell, and we slid our papers under the door when whoosh, there's Kristin! So we had a little chat with our profesora & then scrammed! I imported all my art history images to a word document, resized each picture, and printed! Then in my incoherent sick daze I packed to catch a bus to see Andrew. It took me forever to pack, like a bad dream where you're late and nothing comes together and you're all panicky and nervous. Things that contributed to the feeling: carrying projector equipment back to the library with Katie, being questioned by Ramona "you're going to Boston? don't you have any finals?", forgetting to water D Becky's plant and reentering the room to do so.

So I was at the bus stop before 5:15 (when the bus was supposed to be there), and I waited for like 15 minutes until I was sure it had left without me! I was walking back, looking behind me all the way, and there's the damn rectangle on wheels coming straight for the bus stop!! So I high tailed it back, hitting a car in the crosswalk with my bag on my way, saying "sorry" as if the car could hear me, and puffing out "I thought I'd missed you, I was just heading back when I saw you!" to the bus driver before plopping into a seat. And somehow, even though the bus driver was definitely late and caused all sorts of anxiety because of it, I couldn't believe my good luck! I was sitting on the right bus!

Met Andrew in Worcester & we did a little, uhm, food shopping for the sick before going to his place! We had chicken soup together that night, I love lipton's chicken soup, especially with Andrew =) Watched a funny episode of The Family Guy, and I'm not sure what else... it was a relaxing evening!

Saturday: Started feeling the cold more today. We went shopping and then watched The Ring which wasn't as scary as the first time around... I think a dark room up alone with Merrers contributed something to the scariness. SNL was pretty good though, Elijah & Kattan... weird. Strangely similar.

Exchanged gifts in the evening, Andrew gave me the most amazingly color coordinated gift ever, and better than anything I could have picked out for myself =) I picked out Taboo, because it's different from other games we play & I thought it'd be hilarious to play it with a group! Dale's already excited about it, too -- we'll have to see if we're as good at this game as we are at most others ; )

Sunday: Snow was predicted, we had a quiet day in. I worked on my art history flashcards and slept in as my cold had its little peak (I think) on this day. Andrew saran wrapped his window so it was a lot warmer. More chicken soup, more tea, and a game of Trivial Pursuit! We put off thinking about bus schedules!

Monday: Being naughty we slept in, then I was rushed to Newton for the bus! Which I caught, and made a few wrong decisions on which buses to take, so got back a bit late! Missed one meeting but was able to get Windy's key and walk Kobe before seeing Dale and going to dinner. Now I'm showered & ready to study for art history!! Tomorrow's the final, then I've got a couple of days to write a paper for Quillian. I'm going to write on Mrs. Dalloway & To the Lighthouse, on the underlying "net" that connects everything... or that's my vague theory right now. More later!

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