Tuesday, December 09, 2003

An excellent, but busy, day. Staving off illness, I bundled up for yoga this morning, which was a huge class with people trying to make up for absences. I put together my poetry portfolio and made copies of my latest poem, then picked up the package that I got a yellow slip for yesterday. Turned out to be from Grammy & Grandpa's church. I tried eating the oreos tonight but they tasted like the lavender sachet!

Our last verse writing class wasn't anything spectacular, but it was a little sad when we all left. Elaine gave everyone hugs. I decided to eat a real lunch today, by the way! I went to Prospect and had some yummy almost-Chinese food. Hot mustard sauce is definitely a good thing when you're feeling a little on the verge of sickness. Ate with Caitlin, which was cool, since I never see people from her corner of the floor.

Also had my meeting with Prof. Pesola today, which was uhm, not as productive as it could be because I hadn't formed a really solid idea of a thesis yet. We ate popcorn and she got me thinking. Then I grabbed a quick "dinner" at blanchard, hurried home & changed for the winter social! It was one crazy night... we DID have raspberry cream cheese bars!! So yummy. And Prof. Brown read something cute about cats and Christmas, then something more by Langhston Hughes. Prof. Lee read from Practical Magic & Molly Makes up her Mind. Quillian read something by I think Jonathan Berger? Something Berger. Uhm, wow! A cool excerpt about Caravaggio and sleeping together (which I found particularly good to hear, it definitely confirmed thoughts I already have), then a bit about a woman leading a goat into the forest to be bred while the snow's starting to fall. Megan was about to grab me when Quillian got to the part where the goats actually have sex, it was hilarious! Talk about shaking things up. Also loved the part about chickens getting shaken and then thrown up into the air. HILARIOUS!

Took a nap, now I'm up thinking about what all I want to talk about in my spanish paper!!

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