Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Ahhhh!!!! Three down, one to go! I studied art history this morning, walked Kobe, studied some more, and then the test went QUITE well, I think. He seemed to pick out pieces I remembered enough about to write a decent amount, and that I at least thought I remembered the date to rather accurately. It was structured just like our quizzes, same amount and type of questions (thank you Prof. Staiti!) but with tons more time (thanks again Prof. Staiti!) Then I took the rest of the afternoon off & had dinner with Dale, Miranda, Elise, and another Katie of '05 at Abbey-Buck. Food was surprisingly decent tonight.

I made an ever so brief visit to the library (because people are sick and nasty in the library, even my obscure under the stairs hiding place is completely defiled and disgusting. Note to people dirtying up the library: learn to throw food IN THE GARBAGE! TRY to act as if you have some class! Stress is no excuse for this large scale debauchery!) and I found bits that I may use to support my Woolf paper, but frankly, I think this is going to be all about taking the text and analyzing it to death and proving what I want to prove. My thesis changed a bit after reading an essay & relooking over all the passages I marked. And of course marking the bestest passages with sticky notes!

Ahh. So, tonight the goal is to write the first three pages. And tomorrow to finish it.

"I see stacks of books and piles of papers,
The sick studying day, the paper-writing night,
And I think to myself, it's finals week."

Ok so that didn't really sound like "what a wonderful world" but yeah, it's finals week. And compared to everyone else who isn't finished I feel, well, on top of things. Not gonna lose any sleep, either. Dale and Miranda were camped out downstairs with work all day and I can hear someone coughing in the room next to me. Now does everyone see why I was able to actually get over this cold when I left to see Andrew for the weekend??

Elettra's question of the day... we'll reveal that later.

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