Tuesday, December 02, 2003

A blog in fragments, not in chronological order:

An encouraging day: a low A on the Spanish paper & an invite to read some poetry. Snow flurries continue. Breath-takingly cold out. Distinct draft from my window. Cranium rematch scheduled for friday night! Finished rereading To the Lighthouse. Warmed up some caramels over my radiator (which I had to request to have turned on earlier, and the man at the central heating plant, after asking my name, told me that his great-niece born today was given the same name, to which I replied that it's a good name =) Took a nap and woke up thinking it was morning and couldn't figure out why my computer was turned on. Went to a not-so-good dinner at the Rockies. Dale is back & happy! Last night was first night in awhile I had to sleep quite alone, ten days or something? Room seemed lonely. Have resumed using my illegal extension cord. Between really hot showers & tea & blankets I can almost fight off the draft from the window.

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