Thursday, June 17, 2004

Sunday: Andrew & I fixed another great brunch, and then got ready to go on an adventure. We went to Middlesex Fells, which is a cool place for people to bring their dogs. We started walking and kept going in circles on the VERY UNORGANIZED TRAILS. And we couldn't get NEAR the water because it's a reservoir or something. AND we were getting EATEN ALIVE by BIG mosquitoes. At some point I said "I'm miserable!" We sat in a sunny patch of fir needs for a bit, and I continued my campaign to kill as many mosquitoes as possible. Soon, we could stand it no longer, and we left. Vowing never again to go on a hike in the summer without bug spray.

Back in the open meadow we "picnicked" a bit. The dry Italian sausage sold in the supermarket we live next to is both more expensive and not as good tasting as the kind back home. On the way home we did some grocery shopping, and bought some lovely pompom daisies (or something like that) for $2.

I don't really remember what else we did on Sunday. That's the danger, I supppose, of writing blogs so late in the week.

Monday: Uhm... it was weird starting out a new work week. The song "Manic Monday" suddenly has so much more meaning than every before. Let's skip on to Weds. I've been getting encouragement from ML, Mike, and Janine on my writing here. And my first article is up! I used Merrie in my scenario. And yesterday was my first paycheck, very exciting. And Andrew & I have been having some lovely dinners (the stress ends once we start eating), complete with red wine (often when it doesn't go with the meal, but I don't know the different much, so I don't care). Although our mango fried rice with shrimp came out a LITTLE mushy.

Working on an obesity glossary at work these last few days. It's about 36 pages right now. Madame Bovary is going well, Kate noticed it by my desk and we talked about majoring in English & understanding history...

Well I should go now, I guess -- it's 5!

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