Saturday, June 12, 2004

Finally, it's the weekend!

Time goes by so slowly sometimes at work. And one day Andrew had to work till a little after 7 so we basically came home and ate dinner and didn't have time for much else! Friday I was so, so bored at times. I began entertaining myself by reading stuff on the internet that was related to work, but not really necessary... Tues. Andrew at work (not my Andrew, one of the marketing people Andrew) gave me a "special assignment" right before I left... Basically to research and report on how other websites with message boards monitored the posts. So that was cool to have something new to do on Weds. And Thursday it was back to the old grind, writing about tourette syndrome (for parent and kid articles). Friday I finished those up, and my next "special assignment" (I say this with sarcasm) was to photocopy some articles. But that was ok, I enjoyed taking a break from the computer...

So the big happy part of the day came when Michael came in to tell me that the editor has been pleased with what I've been writing. That I skipped over the whole learning curve thing. So that made me happy, because I've been curious about how I'm doing in comparison to everyone else and if I'm writing things that aren't in need of lots of edits.

Anyway... Friday night Andrew & I took an evening walk to Harvard Square, watched some street acts (crazy college percussion players, a spray paint artist, and a band complete with breath-operated hand-held piano -- and side shows of intense chess players laughing at successful game moves that no one else understands). We had another pad thai night, we've got that dinner routine down now so that it's not so hectic.

Today (Saturday) I almost went to Walden Pond while Andrew was at work. But I ended up staying here, as I thought it would be insufferably crowded at a lake on a nice Saturday. I woke up with Andrew, and this time I actually stayed awake. For those of you interested in the mundane details of my day (ok, now that only Mum and Merrie are reading on), I did a diagnostic GRE test (and I think I definitely need some practice), got all the laundry done, finished The French Lieutenant's Woman (strongly recommended by Quillian, and now by me as well), sat out on the porch for awhile hoping to a.) get highlights in my hair and b.) get a "healthy" tan (which I define as not frying myself to a deep brown. or in my case, a deep red), made a new mix CD with Andrew's burner for Monday's ride to work, and fed Buster (who yawned and blinked today and look funny eating because he couldn't get his mouth around a piece of lettuce).

When Andrew finally got home from work, we picked up some burritos from the taqueria and headed to the esplanade (I guess that's how you spell it?) for a picnic dinner. It was really lovely, although a little chilly with the wind and a little strange with the kids playing frisbee around us. We felt a little weird like lying on a blanket together, but we later saw couples totally making out in the middle of crowds, so I guess we could have gotten away with way more PDA. There was a concert of some sort, so it was more crowded than usual...

Side note on Buster: Most mornings I turn on the heat lamp for Buster (that would be Andrew's Russian tortoise, who isn't really Russian at all, as I'm sure he was born in a NY petshop). And Andrew is in charge of feeding and watering. So one morning on the way to work we realize that neither of us had turned on the heat lamp. So I said (and I'm really proud of this because it's rare that I think of something semi-witty to say on the spot and not an hour later when it's completely out of context): Wow, I'm glad we don't have kids!

Right now Andrew's taking the diagnostic GRE test that I took earlier today. I hope he doesn't do as well on the verbal as me. But he probably will, he has a better vocabulary. I'm completely letting him take me on the math section though, when I got frustrated with questions I just didn't answer them, as I know that math won't matter for grad. school English programs. Ok signing off now, as I've been typing away to kill time and I haven't anything left to say...!

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