Saturday, June 05, 2004

My first week of work is over!

Thursday: Emily worked by me all day, which was kinda cool. I think of everyone I've met at work she's the most likely potential friend. Andrew had a very quick lunch break, so I decided to take an extra break later with Stephanie (who first showed me around when I arrived at warm2kids my first day). We took a walk around the whole complex and chatted. It was kind of cool, I guess she does this most days. Since it was pouring later, I was glad I'd gotten outside to enjoy the sunshine.

We made tamale pie for dinner and it was excellent. Andrew likes it, too. =)

Friday: The day went by rather slowly it seemed. I finished my third (count them, three in four days!) article. I may change it a bit though when I get back, because it focused more on girls than boys. I thought that was justified with all the current literature on girls and cliques, but, Andrew thinks guys deal with that stuff just as much. This one was from the parent perspective. I'll have to look at the teen perspective one to see if it was inclusive enough or not...

Had a great lunch break, me and Andrew went out to sit by the pond. We watched the one white duck that inhabits the pond. He stuck around us for awhile (maybe because I was feeding him bread from my sandwich). I think I'm going to get a tan if I keep eating lunch outside in the sun. After work I went back to the pond to read for awhile.

After work we had leftover tamale pie in order to get an early start on the evening. We took the T into Boston and watched a juggling act outside of Fanueil Hall. And we got more chocolate mousse =) Yum, moose. Sat for awhile by the harbor until the wind became too chilly. It was a quick ride back, and then we got a movie from Blockbuster (thanks to Mum and her free coupons -- we live like a block away from a Blockbuster so it's perfect. I really like this place, close to everything and lots of young people around).

Weird sighting of the evening: Two 50-something identical twins, sitting at the T stop we got off at. These women were wearing identical clothes (and white hair ribbons, it was kind of trippy) and rather dour expressions. Andrew wished he had his camera.

Today! I initially got up with Andrew when he woke up to go to work. And I felt ok with getting up that early, but then I felt like sleeping in just because I could. I read from one of my skanky magazines for awhile, then I couldn't fall back asleep. Finally I did, but I didn't get up till 1! Then I was super hungry so I had to do lunch... I've been bad and haven't gotten started on reading more of my book yet today =/

I had a dream that Andrew had colon cancer. I think this may be as a result of the fact that the next topic I'm doing at warm2kids is colon cancer.

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