Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Since Andrew had worked 6 days, we tried to cram a lot of activity into Sunday. We made a big brunch (with hash browns, homemade!) and then did a little more work. In the afternoon we went to the mall since it was raining. I finally bought the tote bag/purse and wallet (it took awhile to pick out the wallet) at AE that I had been eyeing for the last month or so. Dinner was yummy -- Andrew made pad thai.

Saturday evening we went out to JP for the sunset -- took a walk at the pond, saw the albino squirrel yet again (even after Andrew pretended to see it and pointed at a white plastic bag and totally disappointed me), and acquired a corkboard from yard sale leftovers. So we have yet more stuff in the new apartment. But it's cool, it's like home now. We made brownies which were really good with frosting and ice cream. "My Boss's Daughter" is a frightful patchwork of past comedies that weren't successful the first time around. The only highlight was the owl that the boss owns as a "pet."

So the weekend was relaxing overall, even though I wasn't ready for Monday morning... Luckily Andrew hooked his cd burner up to my computer and we made a new song mix for the way to work. Also luckily, I usually have about an hour after work to sit by the lake and read before it's time to go home. Last night we even ate on our porch for the first time, which was cool... Odd thing of late: we haven't seen our roommate in a few days!

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