Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Last week went by so quickly -- Friday half the office (or more) was out, so I was able to work in a cubicle. That was cool, very quiet and peaceful day. Andrew & I had a hell of a shopping trip (not good to go shopping when you're hungry), but a really good dinner. In the evening we watched Runaway Jury, which was awesome. We took advantage of this free movie offer over the cable.

Saturday I kept busy with my scholarship application, laundry, GRE studying, and packing for the weekend trip. Andrew & I got a fairly early start off to D. Becky's for the rest of the weekend. I made a "Just Beachy" CD mix for the ride down =) Becky already had dinner going, and we had a lovely meal out on the porch. Very quiet and green there! We took an evening walk down to the lake, and looked through lots of Becky's pictures, documenting her South America adventures. It tempted me into considering a vacation destination outside of Europe...

Sunday we ate brunch and then headed out to the beach. I finally figured out why everyone goes to Cape Cod =) Very beautiful ocean, although it was a tad windy on the beach. We explored these marshy areas that Mer would love (and D. Becky says you could get a job there, Mer!) and saw crabs and fishes. This cool dog, Dakota, was fetching rocks out of the water. Very passionate about the fetching, that dog. We drove to the bridge and watched people jump off, it looked scary. It wasn't quite hot enough for me to take the plunge!

In the afternoon we went to the lake by Becky's house. It was like the best day -- Becky laughed while Andrew and I tried to row across the lake in the raft, and then Becky & I really laughed while Andrew tried to paddle around alone! (He ended up bailing out and just pulling the raft to shore, which I of course documented in photos.) Then I decided to get in the water and swim a little, so Becky took pictures of us playing around in the water. I'm not a very good swimmer, we discovered!! Especially compared to Becky, who swam all the way across the lake twice!

In the evening we had dinner and watched a bit of TV. Sad saying goodbye to Becky and Pawsy (the soccer ball cat with extra toes). Being outdoors again was awesome =)

Ahh and now we're back at work! Yesterday I was rather sick, and last night/this morning. I think I'm getting a bit better though. My nose and the back of my knees are burnt (curious, isn't it?)

By the by: I'm officially into Six Feet Under now.

AndyG321: harvey just told us over the phone that it's apparently the mating season for chipmunks
Pink Poodledog: hahahahaha

(Harvey is the jefe over at Andrew's office)

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