Monday, March 01, 2004

Oh wow, I forgot I had a blog spot for like, a week. Why? I'm going to blame it on Junior Show. Awesome time! Thursday was like a dress rehearsal that was nearly flawless, Friday was totally awesome and perfect, and Saturday the seniors totally messed things up! But I loved seeing the old characters from last year's j show, the pudding girl!!! Andrew was wonderful sitting through it all, and he definitely got a lot of the jokes. He objected to the Amherst impersonation: "I'm the most pretentious so I'll go first."

Saturday Fresh Side was yummy, and the after parties were kinda fun but I definitely wasn't in the intoxicated state necessary to appreciate them. We wandered around in Amherst in the afternoon and it was sunny and kinda warm. Drank coffee and sat on a park bench. Sunday we had brunch with Korisha and Emily, and then saw The Perfect Score in Springfield. Too much moralizing! For dinner we went to Noho and I ate sushi and ginger with my hands. Andrew laughed at me and said "It's ok, we don't have to come back here!" I probably completely offended everyone who saw me =) Oh well! I like eating with my hands.

Monday: First day of the Flip Flop! Yay! I don't think I did anything extra special today. Pretty normal Monday, reading, lunch, classes, I fell asleep reading, yep yep, normal day.

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