Thursday, March 04, 2004

Despite sad news, I'm looking forward to this weekend and my birthday. It's nearly spring. But Newton is "slowly down," as Rachel says. Must keep this blog light, as there are some fun things I wanted to record...

Today in Post Colonial Lit we were talking about Freud and death wishes and other such disturbing things. I was objecting to it as I hate thinking of people as being inherently violent (so all the rest of the morning this idea haunted me, thinking that people I walked by were wishing me dead. ack!) So Siraj joked "Yeah, when I was reading your posts, I was thinking 'I wonder if Becky Richardson has death wishes?'" The whole class had a good laugh, and it was vastly entertaining. I'm still resisting this idea, but I'll take it metaphorically and still keep some of my sanity.

Yesterday I was trying to put money on my one card so I could do laundry, and my dollar bill was halfway in the slot thingy when the other half, which was folded in half or something, managed to slip in, too. The machine totally freaked out. It kept moving the bill by millimeters in and out of the slot, but not far enough out so that I could grab it. Being cheap, I didn't want to leave it there. Being shy, I didn't want to bother anyone for help. So I took a bobby pin out of my bag and "wrassled" with the machine for awhile. I eventually dragged the dollar bill out with my bobby pin far enough so I could grip it and pull it out. Then I reinserted it, and, amazingly enough, it turned into a positive balance!

Yesterday I saw the white goose trying to drown some ducks while flopping about in the lake. I also saw it with its little cronies walking about on the dead grass, honking like mad. I hate that goose. If I have death wishes, they're all directed at that domineering white goose.

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