Saturday, May 13, 2006

Reasons to love CA

I just got back from the first Palo Alto Farmer's Market of the season. People asking one another if they had a good "off season," Democratic groups registering voters, an older man handing out petitions & US flags for revisions to workers' rights laws, a musician sharing the history of the market (apparently it used to be in the Wells Fargo parking lot, and has been in its current location for nearly 20 years), and, best of all, food straight from the farmers.

I think I spent about $14 on 3 squash, a basket of strawberries, organic spinach/dandelion mix, 2 bell peppers, 7 or 8 peaches, a few tangerines, and some sugar snap peas. I'm still not over the amazing growing season here. Next week I think I'm going to trek to Menlo Park though, as it seems like they have more vendors, and I know the people there better (as far as what's pesticide free, what's organic but not certified, etc.)

And I can't wait for Madison's farmer's market this summer!

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