Thursday, May 04, 2006

OMG The OC is falling apart.

Sandy's had a huge ethical conflict and only narrowly come out on the other side. Kirsten's had a relapse w/ her huge bottle of vodka. Seth is smoking pot for no apparent reason and accidentally set fire to his father's office. (I have a huge problem with how marijuana is being portrayed in this show, but that's another rant.) Summer got drunk off her ass and exposed Seth's lies. Marissa has now had how many bad break ups? Let's see -- Luke slept with her mother, Ryan started dating that Oregon chick and fell out of love with her, Johnny slipped off a freaking cliff and died, and Kevin decided it would be cool to smoke and make out with some other girl at prom. Ryan beat up Kevin, bad -- so bad I thought he was dead at the end of last week's episode. And now Ryan's indebted to him for not (yet) turning him in for assault... and was therefore involved in Kevin's attempt to steal a car. And now, they end the episode with: "In two weeks, the season finale... one of them may not survive." WTF??!!

If they follow through with that threat, I bet it's to reconcile the geographical difficulties involved with half the group going to New England for college, and the other half to Berkeley.


karuna said...

OH man...and such a good show too. Oh becky, what will we don on Thursday nights?

karuna said...

*that's "do" is really overwhelming

vuuk819grp said...
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