Thursday, May 25, 2006

The End of the Day

What I did today:

- Woke up at 8 am for a doctor's appointment. I'm switching off of Alesse due to major concerns about my sudden increased propensity for acne... back to orthotricyclen, but this time LO... I want my d@#* skin back!! As the doctor told me, this isn't an exact science.

- Back home for a quick nap, then 2nd breakfast and off to Victorian class talking about In Memoriam.

- Home again, for lunch and a moment of rest before...

- TA section, in which we talked about The Birds

- Home once more for a touch up & readying myself for...

- Identities workshop, which was great! Prof. Sandahl is brilliant, and I got my questions out. Really great discussion! A wonderful high point to end the year with.

- Highlight of the day: Dinner with amazing people.

And now for my typical dinner entry:

We went to Bistro Elan... and I had:

Chilled cucumber soup as an appetizer

Halibut with pea puree, apple, and a pistachio vinagrette.

A Thai influenced layer of coconut wafers and coconut custard, with spiced blueberries and pineapple.

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