Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Because I'm way proud of my Mum's post!:

"I applaud the Onward Oregon site. I’m a newbie (1 month) I’m a native Hood Riverite (53 years) and have seen many changes here, needless to say. Measure 37 will impact this valley with multi-acre fertile farmlands divided into subdivisions for housing. And adding insult to injury, now President Bush wants to sell public lands for yet even more private ownership.

I grew up hiking with my mother and her friends. We hiked all seasons in all types of weather. It is in my blood, and it is in our wild lands that many other people such as myself connect and renew ourselves in this hectic world.

I have not read the book but saw a discussion group on OPB on Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book “Crimes Against Nature”. It was very disturbing the list of atrocities Bush is committing against OUR lands.

I have sent personalized letters to my 4 representatives and congressmen, and the regional forester with the Columbia Gorge to voice my dissatisfaction with the proposed land sales.

I urge all readers to do the same.

Selling our public lands is a shortsighted quick fix to help Bush gain back war money that should’ve stayed stateside to begin with." - Ricki Duckwall

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