Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So... since I've been bugging Mer about updating more, I thought maybe I should update, too. Hmmm trying to remember what I've been doing...

I just had this weird moment of trying to figure out how long I've been back from spring break. The weekdays have been so so busy... very productive for the most part. Many mentoring meetings with the firsties in the English 101 class I'm mentoring....various SAW duties...lots o' schoolwork... a few quiet evenings trying to get work done.

Last week while I was at the Blanchard SAW table, I heard these two women talking to students about summer jobs. I went to an info. session after I found out that they have locations in both Madison & Ann Arbor. It's through Greenpeace/ Sierra Club/ State PIRGs. It's strange... not very good pay, unless you bring in a lot of money while going door to door talking to folks about environmental/political issues. After talking to people about it, I decided maybe it's not the best job to have... You basically go door to door in a city from 1 pm till 10 pm. Hell of a way to spend my nights, right? It was cool though because I was interviewing with the twin sister of this girl I knew my first year at MHC.

Then, the next day, I had an uber positive job experience. An alum posted to chat about freelance writing projects, and I emailed her with my resume and writing samples. Within two hours, I got a phone call, and my first project! So that's been incredible thus far, and I hope to continue doing this throughout the summer so I can stay with Andrew before grad school.

Weekend news update:

So Saturday I thought it would be a really good idea to go shopping for a white dress for the laurel parade. Um, no. Bad, bad idea. Andrew & I set off for Sylvester's for brunch, but I found out that the waiting time was 50 minutes, so we tried the Waitley Diner. Cool looking place, so-so food. I guess like any diner, they get most their dishes out of tin cans and TV dinner boxes. My hash browns were obviously the kind you can buy frozen in any supermarket. The cornbeef has was just as obviously straight out of a can. I was NOT impressed. Andrew liked his omlette though, and the trippy metallic/ mirrored interior was worth it.

Anyway, after that travesty of a brunch, we were on our way to the Holyoke Mall. Ahh... I found TONS of beautiful clothes, but very few nice white things... A strapless white dress at Charlotte Russe seemed promising, but a bit too formal, and they didn't have my size on the racks (and I wasn't looking forward to undressing a mannequin). Forever 21 had a cool hippie dippie white skirt, but Andrew agreed that it made my hips look bulgy. I found a cute skirt embroidered with flowers (in white thread, of course) at Old Navy, but I couldn't find any cute tops to match it ANYWHERE. Every top was either the wrong style, the wrong shade of white, or too risque to wear (ie, no lining in the bra area). The trip to Target was successful food-wise, but again, no white top to match my skirt.

So... after feeling completely let down and depressed about that, I tried on this white slip dress I've had since high school. It was sitting in my drawer, and I finally remembered to tell Andrew that I had one possible thing to wear. He was incredulous & confused as to why we had gone through the shopping debaucle. I thought it was too clingy to wear, but I've since talked to friends about it and they agree -- I should buy clothes I actually plan to wear after May 20, & just use the dress I have for the parade. So that's decided!!

Oh, I saw Word Wars, the documentary about professional scrabble players. Sooo good. GI Joel is awesome!

Sunday I brought Andrew to brunch at Prospect. He felt sick all afternoon/ evening, so we've agreed: no more dining hall food for him. Instead, I'm going to use my dining dollars the way they were intended to be used: on Chef Jeff cookies & chai! In the afternoon I finished my Tom Stoppard paper & we headed into Amherst for dinner stuffs & to return my Old Navy skirt. We ended up wanting to get sushi from Trader Joe's, so we didn't stay for coffee at Rao's... The weather's warming up so you can't use the car as a fridge =) We did get our coffeeshop time in though, as we went to the Thirsty Mind for drinks & a scrabble game before dinner. I beat Andrew, finally!!! 330 something to 240/50 something if I remember correctly. Upon arriving back to my dorm room, I found out that the Stoppard class was canceled, so that took the pressure off me to finish rereading The Invention of Love. Very nice feeling to realize that you can spend the evening with your shmoopy!

I insisted upon bringing our "picnic" dinner to the private dining room in the delles. It's a strange room... The wall paper is this antiquated white rose pattern on green, the curtains are long and billowy, a chandellier hangs over the table, and there's this dusty china cabinet sitting diagonally across a corner. On the shelves there are maybe two china platters and one teacup. And by the door there's one of those industrial yellow wheely mop buckets. It's a very odd room now that it's never used. I'm sure it'll be a quadruple dorm room in a year or two. So we ate there (Andrew refused to sit at opposite ends of the long rectangular table -- I thought it would have been funny, but he said no). Then, there was a great, great episode of Desperate Housewives... So addicted, and it's been so long since there was a new episode!!

Anyway... Monday was a catch up day, and a day of two mentoring apps gone awry (ie, no one showed up). Tuesday was busy with SAW duties... I had the table, reading, and small group. Today was nice... it's definitely spring now. 50 something degrees & sunny... I wore flip flops for the first time this year!! Ahh... sitting in the Stimson room during teatime, I realized I only have a few more such teas left at MHC... and tomorrow is the English dept tea that I've been organizing with the ESB, & all the underclasswomen will be hearing about the awesome courses being taught next year (ahhh Amy Martin is doing a seminar on class & gender in the Victorian novel -- how frustrating is that!?).

It's that nostalgic time when seniors are reflecting on their last spring here at MHC... this morning I was even thinking back to my visit to this campus as an admit, in the spring of '01... sometimes I try to reconcile my impression of this campus (from my first visit way back in the summer of 2000) with my current intimacy with its layout... ahh... I'll miss so much of it, but it's so time to move on... I can't wait to buy my own food (which I hope will be super healthy to make up for the past four years -- organic everything, free range chicken, milk from cows that weren't treated with antibiotics or hormones, etc.). I can hardly imagine showering without flip flops... I look forward to that, a lot... and not bringing a shower caddy everywhere... just having my shampoo there in the shower!! And going to the bathroom in the middle of the night without worrying about getting dressed... and controlling my own heat... but oh, there are those things you know you'll be nostalgic for later, too -- the campus here (especially in fall, spring, and early winter, during those first snowfalls), having friends to eat dinner with every night... the English dept. that I love... ahh!


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