Monday, March 21, 2005

Hmmm. Now that I have all my admissions decisions, I've found that I have fewer procrastination ideas. So I'm updating my blog! Let's see... where we left off, I was just back in Boston...

I finally saw When Harry Met Sally. Rather sad timing, I believe it was in between my grad school visits. I see why it's such a classic... ahh!

I think it was Weds night that we went to the Lizard Lounge for dinner. I'm developing a taste for beer -- not any old beer, just certain kinds... So far, I seem to have taken a liking to Andrew's Magic Hat varieties, & really light beers with lemon (I had a Belgian white something or other). It makes my head feel warm and fuzzy...

Let's see... We also watched Day of the Dead, which was quality. Not really, but it was funny. I especially enjoyed Dr. Frankenstein's pet zombie, Bob. I think that was his name. Anyway, this zombie re-learns how to operate a gun, which is a plot twist. Probably my least favorite of the zombie movies so far, though. Very low budget.

Thursday I caught up on the OC while Andrew was at work, and then we watched the new one over sushi. Andrew is getting quite good at making sushi (although he forgot to add the avocado in one roll). Soooo yums... While grocery shopping earlier in the day, I had picked out the most incredible avocado (just the right amount of give to the skin -- that's my new trick), and a not-quite-ripe mango (next time: the more squish the better).

Friday we slept in, as Andrew was leaving for the airport in the afternoon. For the rest of the weekend I had to fend for myself -- made lots of pasta, salad, and rice dishes. Friday night I watched Legally Blonde for about the twentieth time. Saturday I watched SNL (not so good).

My goal from Weds- Sun was to write 5 pages a day on my thesis. I reached it everyday but Sun, although some days involved some recycling of material. I now have 59 pages of critical writing... and I'm still working on the creative portion. Funny how last semester I had such trouble writing the lit. crit., and now it's flip flopped to problems with writing my own stories. I feel like my creative energies are drained with verse writing... oh well... So, with any luck, after some revising & editing, it'll be ready to send out... Then I can concentrate on the stories.

Sunday Andrew's plane was late -- big surprise, right? Another mechanical problem, something about a wing flap and the computer it was hooked up to. Screaming baby on his flight too -- do booking agents make sure to have at least one annoying child on every single plane?Andrew and I agreed that babies should be put on sedatives when they travel. Happy sleeping baby = happy sleeping passengers. Really, I think it's a strange sort of cruelty to both parties...

Anyway, once Andrew got home we had a quick version of Thai fried rice (with mango!), talked about his Michigan trip (seems it's a better match for his research interests than Wisconsin), and relaxed.

This morning we had a mad dash to the bus station... I was so worried we wouldn't make it in time. Then we got through a tunnel, and suddenly, we were there... Andrew was quite proud of himself, and I was astonished that we'd arrived with 13 minutes to spare. There were so many college kids returning from spring break that they had a separate express bus to the valley. I slept/ listened to music/ watched snow fall.

At MHC, I immediately checked my over-stuffed mailbox to discover my Harvard rejection. "We know that you must be very disappointed" -- yeah right... I wouldn't have exactly welcomed the idea of staying in New England any longer! Also lying in wait: tons and tons of notices and letters from MHC about commencement. Dear Lord!

It was tres strange to arrive at my room. It's been about two weeks -- and when I left, it was snowing heavily, I had no idea what my grad school decision would be, I felt swamped and worried with work... And now... so much more peace. Had good talks over lunch & dinner with Miranda, Sarah, Kathleen, Ariel, and Laura. News has traveled, & I chatted with Prof. B about next year. Ahh I'm going to miss our English dept. & everyone here!

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