Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I'm beginning to feel as if the admissions gods have decided that Andrew & I will not be allowed to make any easy decisions. Today I got my Brown rejection letter in the mail, and Andrew's out at MIT. So now, well, the only faint hope would be Berkeley, but through the grapevine we've heard that they've already handed out all their CS acceptances. OK, I'll backtrack a bit:

Friday: Andrew came out, and we talked from around 7:45 pm till 3 in the morning or so. Punctuated by bouts of intense hugging & sighs. I'd put off wanting to talk about this stuff till now... I kept saying, let's see where we get in, and THEN worry about it. So now we're worrying about it!

Saturday: Slept in, had some lunch, read at Rao's in Amherst, and brought home yummy wings to go with a salad. Had a bizarre run in with this girl in the N Delle tv room.

Andrew and Becky are sitting in the TV room, eating dinner and watching a home improvement show. The lighting is bright. Enter one socially awkward, soft-voiced MHC student, from here on known as SAS.

SAS: Are you going to be long?
Becky and Andrew exchange confused glances. Becky: No, maybe another ten minutes?...
Andrew: We're just eating. Exuent SAS.

Ten minutes, on the dot, pass. Enter SAS.

SAS: Are you going to be much longer?
Andrew: No, we're just eating...
Becky: We're just finishing up... We're not watching anything special, if you want to turn the channel. Awkward silence.
Becky: Ok, we can go, I guess.
SAS: It's just, I have a movie to watch for my history class... I don't mean to kick you out... You can go to another room though, and the other tv room, but the VCR there isn't working.
Audience might be reminded that it is 7:15 pm on a Saturday evening. Becky and Andrew gather themselves and leave room to SAS.

I don't understand what's going on with MHC students. Are we this socially awkward & just plain strange? Who kicks people out of a TV room to watch a movie for class on a Saturday evening, when they haven't even reserved the freaking room?? Argh. I would never do this to someone! That's what the freaking VIEWING ROOMS are for in the library...

Anyway, afterwards we had fun at J-show, sat with Kathleen and D Becky in the front row since we got there when Chapin was still empty. Enjoyed the glow sticks, and wished that people would shut up so we could hear the show. Result was, you needed to be as annoyingly drunk as the most annoying audience members in order to be entertained. So sorry, juniors! I wish people had kept it under control...

Highlight of the evening was going to Lauren, Jess, & Mel's party in the Delles. Started playing "never have I ever" (actually, never had I ever played that game). Weird incident: When 3 MHC-ers came and drank alone in the sunroom and then departed without saying goodbye or contributing to the party... later one of the girls realized some of her bottles were missing!

Sunday: Another sleep in day. Went to brunch with Kathleen and Karuna, did some work, and then had fun with a playreading of Travesties (I love our Stoppard class, the coolest people are in it). Andrew had fun, thank goodness -- we needed more voices (and it's nice to have a guy). In the evening we went looking for dinner at Chili's. Never again! They should not try to do Mexican food. Their "fajita quesadillas" are no better than Blanchard's. Andrew was a sweetheart to put up with me... Had a yummy dessert though! Cheesecake from Rao's.

Today, in light of Stanford, I told all my recommenders the news & broached the question of how one chooses between love & academics. Quillian had stories of the first woman tenured in Stanford's dept, and her husband who ended up switching areas... and how they both ended up at UCLA. Corinne and I are talking on Friday. Collette sees this as a great opportunity... Ack. And the Brown rejection, albeit expected, was no less traumatic... Why couldn't I have gotten in there instead?????? Grrrrr!

In some good news: I had two people drop in at the Blanchard SAW table today! And I had a chat with Tom, this older gentleman representing study abroad programs through East Anglia. Lots of pretty snow! A good chat with Kathleen over dinner. And my eyes seem better after a day off of my contacts & a nap.

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