Tuesday, February 08, 2005

So this week started off with a bang --

Monday morning I was checking my email to see what happened regarding my emails to grad schools with updates. As I was sitting there I received a second email from U Wisconsin, saying that, really this information wouldn't do me any good after all, as they'd already made a decision! They're offering three years of guaranteed support as I pursue a PhD (probably through a TA position), and looking for a fellowship for my MA year. Wow! I was speechless. Andrew wasn't online and it was too early to call Mum, so I had a little I'm-so-overwhelmed-I'm-crying moment, wandered around my room, and got used to the realization that, really, I do have options now!

All day this news sunk in, particularly at the Student Achievement Event... What does one do when one is on stage? I awkwardly twisted my hands and shifted my eyes from Jojo to the floor to the windows... The alumnae were awesome... articulate speakers and the sort of women one hopes to become after being at a place like MHC. The U-Wisconsin materials were waiting for me in my mailbox (along with a nice letter from Mum). Back in my room I checked my voicemail... I'm SO glad I finally set that up last week. It was a professor from Wash. U, saying that I'm in & that I should call her. Their support doesn't look quite so appealing -- 2500$ stipend (I imagine per year). With any luck, however, either the Olin or Chancellor fellowships will pull through for me there... this is all so overwhelming and surprising!

Today was much calmer, as I went through my daily routine... time seems to have gone so slowly between yesterday morning and tonight. Crazy.

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