Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ahh so the weekend is over. Last week was wonderful & busy, with the search committee for the English dept (they're going to hire a modernist), classes, Verbosity valentines, and time with friends. Thursday night Kathleen & I watched Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN, and I realized that I had totally forgotten the ending. Oops. Friday, my supposedly "free day," was spent at the SAW table in Blanchard, at a meeting with my independent advisor, at the English dept. lecture, and then at the Thirsty Mind with the candidate. Dinner at Wilder was good, and I caught up with Rabia on the English dept. & grad. school & life post-MHC till quite late! We had a funny moment when I realized that my contacts were starting to get all dry and icky, and Rabia immediately got her eye drops, sat me down, and somehow got them in my eyes in the middle of my blinks. Definitely must get those next time I'm at CVS! That would be a smart thing to carry in one's purse... During the Francis Bok lecture I def. would have used them.

Later in the evening I went by Sarah's room to see how The Prince & I was progressing. She & Karuna were pretty into it, but I kept getting sleepy. So I finally headed back to my room and slept a loooong time. Had lunch with Karuna, Kathleen, Laura, Claudia, & friends at Blanchard. The chicken sandwich really is about the only thing there that I feel semi-healthy eating, and actually fills me up. Strange. Anyway, in the afternoon we had a Delles reading of our Stoppard assignment: The Real Inspector Hound & After Magritte. SO much fun. We've definitely stumbled upon something. It's so much fun to do a reading with friends. I hope more people in our class start coming, and that we can keep up the energy. Of course, I suppose Stoppard would be fun regardless, but getting to laugh with everyone and be a little theatrical is cool.

Later I went to dinner with Karuna, and we had a long talk with Anna & Hannah. It was awesome... One of those "only at MHC" chats that went on for a couple of hours and involved realizing how intelligent and interesting people here are. After, Karuna & I headed to D Becky & Liz's birthday party. Yummy cupcakes, I kept eating M &M's and my candy necklace and reading conversation hearts for dirty innuendos to joke about with Kathleen & Becky. Of course, the best one was "LET'S READ." Nothing says I love you like a good book. We also played clue. Rachel was the murderer. But we forgave her. Karuna got it right on one of her first tries. SNL was pretty awful. Paris Hilton isn't even good at playing herself.

Sunday brunch continued the conversation from Prospect the night before. Our search committee meeting concluded in agreeing to disagree, and realizing that we're really glad we don't have the final say. In the afternoon I finally caught up on emailing grad schools with updates on my grades/ PBK. I feel kind of like the annoying student who's trying too hard and being a bother, but everyone kept saying I should get around to doing that. Ack. Also had a good chat with the Merrers, and a brief catch up with the 'Rew.

Karuna & I watched some more Desperate Housewives... I think the next episode I needed to see was on tonight as a repeat. Such a good show!! This too will be a new tradition!

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