Monday, January 31, 2005

It feels like I've been at school for a long, long time.. but really, it's only been about a week and a half. Here's the rundown...

Weds. The first day of classes. Of course, I didn't have any of my own classes, just the course I'm mentoring for (English 101). I brought my little hand-outs, and had my little explanation prepared about what SAW is & what my role as a mentor is. We played the name game & I only forgot one name (and that doesn't count because everyone forgets the newest name). Felt pretty good about everything as I left... Prof. Davis seems to have much faith in me, & I'm realizing that I really do have something to help these first years with. My first task will be an MLA workshop, because I think most of them are going to have problems with that!

Thurs. Ok, so Thursday is my "busy" day. As in, I have all of two classes. History of English Language was awesome -- I love the people in the class, I love the professor, & I love the subject. Ahh!

Afterwards, I went over to the library since I have a huge break before lunch even opens on Thursdays. I went up to the Stimson Room & ran into Hollin, so that was cool. I sat and read my Eagleton & we complained that the radiator is really unnecessarily loud. Then I was alone in the room for awhile, and as I was getting all bundled up, I circled around looking at all the poems, pictures, & letters associated with the Glascock Competition over the years. Letters from W. C. Williams, pictures of Mary Jo Salter, poems by Sylvia Plath... I rushed to Blanchard & to my room, and felt vibrantly and lucidly excited about poetry & theory & politics. I think it had something to do with the sudafed I took that morning for my stuffy nose. [Note: I have since taken one tablet, half a dose, before bed, & I was up half the night. This is alarming because 1. it was half a dose, and 2. I never have trouble falling asleep when I'm tired (which I was), not even if I've had caffeine. I have concluded that sudafed, even before it's gone through whatever process to become speed, is very potent.]

Anyway, I was hyper-awake for Verse Writing. I love this class, too -- Miranda & Sarah are in it, which makes me very happy.

Friday I went on a campus-wide flyering patrol of all the academic buildlings. For SAW. It was exhausting & I got so hungry! Ran into Ashley Brown, dropped in on Quillian (who alluded to PBK very mysteriously!), joined forces with Kathleen (who was also putting up flyers for a different cause), and concluded that mass advertising on campus is very difficult!

In the evening I went to dinner with Karuna & Kathleen & Sarah & friends. I love those Friday Thanksgiving menus. We decided it must be really cheap to serve mashed potatoes & stuffing!! Afterwards, Andrew called to say he was here. So we had a little time here before going over to Audra's room to play Trivial Pursuit with her & Julia. So fun! I love that game, even though I just can't seem to get the yellow & blue wedges!! Went on rounds with Audra, it brought back memories. Julia had an awesome idea for an English dept. t-shirt that I can't remember... ack! Must ask her again.

Saturday. Got up a bit late. We made a run to Dunkin' Donuts & the hardware store for hooks for my room. Andrew installed the hooks & shelves in my room, & in combination with the yaffa blocks that we organized Friday night... my room is great! I'm using the shelves for sweaters, since I can barely reach the one dirty shelf in my closet... & for scarves & hats & mittens, since I didn't have a convenient place for such things. The yaffa blocks are to organize the top of my fridge & my bookcase. I'm really enjoying things!

Later we went to Target & BN (I used my gift certificate for our yummy desserts & a supply of Tazo chai. Yeah, I know I'm an English major, but I have a stomach, too! And we all know I have QUITE the supply of books over here!!) Back at MHC, we ate dinner (yums, Andrew made it) and watched some Real World (I love watching that show). Then we watched The Village finally... I'd been wanting to see that. Scary but more psychological & twisty that I had expected. Pretty good one! Also watched the first two episodes of Desperate Housewives, which were awesome.

Sunday: Went to brunch at the Lone Wolf. I got yummy challah french toast. We decided to have a bit of a marathon watching Desp. Housewives. I'm now sooo addicted to that show... after dinner and my Verbosity meeting, we watched another two shows. It's like a dark comedy about suburbia & the horribly normal surface of things. Looking forward to fully catching up next time I see Andrew...

Monday: Has been good... Verbosity table [Note: BUY VALENTINES FROM US!], Tom Stoppard (yay for all the cool people taking that course!), hanging out at Blanchard, going to the modern lit. lecture on printing presses in the modern era & women... dinner with Claudia, Sarah, & Miranda... and now I think I'm joining the English dept. search committee for a prof specializing in the same era that I'm interested in. cool =)

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